by CM Towns

Those who have been following know the deal but for new readers I take a hiatus between stories to recharge and continue working to be ahead. Now I’m pretty well ahead in the series but not as far as I’d like. Part of it is the length of some the stories coming up and my own life and laziness. Here is where I am.

005-Is done. Just needs HTML coding.

006-In early third draft.

007-Second draft finished.

008-Starting third draft tomorrow.

When I started serializing the Guard I had 001-004 done and in the can as well as the first draft of 005 finished. I wanted to have 006 finished while on 008 second draft but things didn’t quite work out.

Still, it is ready and over the next few weeks I’ll tease details as well as continuing to plug the series and do my 004 mixtape. So the site will still be running.