Quick Update

by CM Towns

Next week I start working all the HTML for 005. It would be easier if wordpress/tumblr actually including buttoms for indenting and font size adjustment.

006 is half way through third draft about. After proof reading and revising chapters a family member checks it out and sees if I screwed anything up or the flow is bad or I’m not working to a point. Right now he is looking through 9-11. I believe that story is around 20 chapters.

007 same as it was.

008 second draft is coming on slowly. I had to drop two full chapters and replace them. I think one of them is definitely better while the other was probably a necessity. Part of the reason its going on slowly is that I’m messing around on a new writing project I’m feeling. No worries though, I’ve been doing a decent job of splitting time. Just can’t get too lazy.

Next few weeks I’ll be plugging/talking about my previous stories and hinting at the next one. 005 is longer than the previous 4 stories and works in part as a jumping on point. Also helps I have a glossary and character profile index to help that along.

So stay tuned.