Case File 005: Relics

by CM Towns

The Guard has expanded their ranks. Not only are Flash-Man and the newly christened Brown Widow members of the team but several other superhumans and vigilantes have joined up. The new members get costumes, names and develop their skills and learn to work as a unit. However the transition and training period is short when two big cases come down.

The first case takes Reina Titán and her team to Manhattan to track down an enemy she has history with, a stranded alien named Fliopt. A gifted mage who has utilized his talents and knowledge of alien technology to become one of the most in demand gun runners on Earth. Fliopt has come to Manhattan is in search of a treasure that he could use to bury his competitors and anyone who may choose to stand in his way. Joining Reina’s team includes Mr. Monster, Huntsman, and Flash-Man as well as a trio of new members. Kestrel, a female vigilante of Native American descent. Gravity Woman, a black superhuman who can manipulate the gravity around her. Also Ichi Senshi, an Asian martial artist who can create swords from spirit energy. However the weapon Fliopt seeks maybe to much for the team to stop.

Start date tba. I’ll tease the rest of the new members next week.