The Superheroes of the Guard

by CM Towns

The Guard is a teenage superhero team. For those who haven’t looked around here’s a quickie of who is who.

Reina Titán-The worlds first superhero. Super powerful lady with flight, strength, near invulnerability, energy blasts and more. The baddest woman on Earth. She is Latino, openly bi and dating one of her teammates. Click her profile for more details.

Red Sprite-An alien who is human in appearance. by human I mean she looks Japanese. She is Reina’s partner inc rime fighting and has become a sister to her as she lives with Reina’s family. Red Sprite is a red mage, with incredible fire powers plus a minor ability to change hair and eye color. Click profile for more.

Kid Victory-The team field leader, Kid Victory is one of the worlds top vigilantes. He’s also a black teenager sporting some hi-tech weaponry thanks to his weapon master (and Guards weapon master,  Tesla). Victory is an excellent hand to hand combat and lethal with fighting sticks and bo staff. Victory, Sprite and Reina are my teams big 3. Click profile for more.

Araminta-The first woman you meet in the start of the series. Araminta is a magically inclined young Caucasian woman. Her powers involve witches circles which come in three types-teleportation, healing, and shielding. In the third story she took a magic sword that adapts its look and intention to the user, so now she has a cool sword. Click profile for more.

Huntsman-The youngest member of the team, Huntsman is a video game loving Caucasian boy who can morph into a metal man with a right arm that turns into a dangerous cannon. Flies, super strength, and near invulnerability. Technically the second heaviest hitter in terms of power. I write him a asexual and mention thats how some characters perceive him but Huntsman is too busy beating video games to consider about his sexuality and orientation. Click profile for more.

Mr. Monster-The prodigal son of the second richest black family of the US, Mr. Monster is the victim of mad science and is now a humanoid monster. Increased strength, speed, healing factor, senses and ability to stick to surfaces. Is the big brother in the team and is involved with Reina. Click profile for more.

SubHuman-The electric blasting punk rocker. The white boy with a mohawk from NYC SubHuman is all about fighting for justice. Admittedly not one of my faves to write but he does lend himself for me to voice my own opinions on issues. I do like his look though. Not officially stated in the series but he falls under the queer umbrella. Click profile for more.

Professor-Kid Victory’s partner and in the Guard the Head of their Intelligence Hub. Young white girl helping to run the show, investigate, research and much more. She is assisted by  Vidya Mistry and later a new member named GR44 who you will meet later. Click profile for more.

Flash-Man-Introduced in the last story, Flash-Man is a Muslim superhuman. His ability, if you can’t guess, is that of super speed. He has a small part in the previous story but more to do in the upcoming 5th story. He is a bit of a prick, but very focused on dealing out justice. One of my new favorite characters to write. Click profile for more.

April O’Day-If you’ve read the write up for the 5th story you know April has the codename Brown Widow. Yep, she’s a spider woman. Mixed race but identifies purely as Latino. She is also Trans. Introduced in my 4th story she has a small part in the 5th story because of the team split so her role in the 6th story is larger. Don’t worry though, all the characters appear in the opening of the upcoming case file. April is a bit of a sleuth, maybe a future star news reporter? Click profile for more. Click profile for more.

Now to the newbies without profiles.

Gravity Woman-Young black woman from Detroit. Gravity Woman is one of the newest members you’ll get to meet and she, obviously, control over gravity. Very useful power. Gravity is MIA from the military planned superhero team she was press ganged into. She fights with Guard because she likes their attitude. She will figure into the 5th case file team so you’ll get to know her a little quicker than some of the other new editions.

El Hijo De La Bestia-Mexican boy, second youngest on the team, sent over my his Grandfather who is a general in the Mexican army. His name translates to Son of the Beast and he has animal mimicry powers. Small part in the 5th story, more in the 6th. Like Huntsman he is hardcore gamer so when I get around to getting these two in the same scenes it will definitely be them on video games. Of course I have other gamers but Hijo and Huntsman are better than the rest.

Water-I actually introduced this character briefly in the first story. A redhair, Caucasian girl who is blue mage. In case file 001 she was being brainwashed by the evil Teiwaz as an agent and now she returns. Like Gravity Woman, MIA from the military’s planned superhero unit, she joined the Guard on the deal of serving time and then getting a new identity. So yeah-not a happy superhero. Figures more into the 6th case file.

Kestrel-Another vigilante. This bad ass crossbow sporting-sai slashing-street fighter is Native American, Cherokee nation. though she is a mix of a few races. Kestrel is openly lesbian and when you meet her you’re going to see she already has a crush going. How that works out you’ll have to wait and see but she figures big with the 5th story team.

Bravado-I needed a white boy jock and Bravado is him. A young promising athlete who believes he has photo mimicry power. He can replicate any movement so he is gifted as a performer in sports, fighting, pretty much anything that involves muscle movement. He tried getting on the US military team but they didn’t see him as viable. The Guard does. Short appearance in 5th story as he’ll be joining the team spotlighted in the 6th case file.

Ichi Senshi-Half Japanese, half Korean, 100% ready to rumble. I dug into my manga/anime influences here (like I did for Reina and Red Sprite who take elements of Magical Girl stories). A juvenile delinquent, incredible fighter, and can create an sword out of pure fighting spirit. Part of the team in the 5th story and in one chapter you’ll get a certain bit extra about his identity.

Their profiles will be up after I show them all in costume so it will be a few weeks after the first chapter. However they will be up pretty quickly. In the fifth story I will talk about the Government superhero team and give them an introduction the sixth. they are recurring characters.

Check out the profile page for all the profiles currently up from the Guard as well as their associates and enemies.