005: Part 3

by CM Towns

   Sunday morning was evaluation. Most the team split into four groups, each group arriving to the gym at a different time. First each member of the group was weighed and sized by Kate. From there Antoine got them stretching before having each person attempt to do ten push ups, twenty sit ups and five chin ups. He timed each one and noted if they failed or succeeded. Jessie hooked up members to a monitor to document their heart rate, endurance, and approximate speed on a treadmill (with the exception of Aamil). She documented results and passed them off to Elijah. Elijah tested strength in legs, arms, and abdominal area. He wrote down how they did and even made suggestions. Finally a two minute sparring session with Sally. After one group finished Sally went to her tablet, scribbled a score to follow up on later.
   With all four groups done Antoine, Jessie, Sally, and Elijah gathered in the war room to discuss results.

   Frank had come along nicely. He was showing improvement in strength since he first started with the team. On his arrival to the base he threw himself into working out. He had lost some weight, toned up, and was very healthy. He did well in the sparring contest with Sally. Frank stayed focused mostly on defense and while he did not successfully tag Sally with any strikes, his form was good overall.
   Araminta showed improvement too but still had a ways to go. Her strength training was slow but she had done well on the treadmill. Not the fastest, or the fastest among the women, but still notable. Her sparring session showed Sally that Araminta had improved in confidence if nothing else.
   Reed was in the same place he had been. No improvement and still a bad attitude about exercise and training. This brought up a bit of talk about motivation.
   Aamil scored fine himself. They did not check his speed-noting they wanted to put him on a long stretch of road to do that. Aamil had suggested he can run at least 150 mph. Antoine believed he could do more and just hadn’t been properly tested. His sparring session with Sally showed three facts: 1. His speed made his attacks more deadly. 2. He had training but did not stick with it. 3. Gets frustrated easily.
   April’s scores were mixed. Her increased strength made it hard to determine just how strong she could be. The monitoring on the treadmill, and speed testing showed a lack of stamina which was a surprise. This was attributed to the diet she had previous to living at the base as well as the lack of training in her powers. On a healthier diet there would be mark improvement. April stuck to defensive in her sparring contest but Sally’s skill level made that extremely hard.
   Pearl was exceptional. Everything she did she scored high marks and her sparring session with Sally was competitive. Sally admitted in that group that Pearl might be a better fighter than herself and Jessie. Jessie scoffed at that notion.
   Eartha scored low with the ladies. She was a little overweight. Had a hard time with the first bit of exercise. Antoine even called her out on using her powers to assist during the chin ups. She was a slow runner, tiring quick and in the sparring she swung wildly. Eartha joked about how she washed out with the military’s physical tests when they had recruited her even though they were going to put Eartha on their team no matter what-this before she went MIA.
   Erica was a wash out. She was more athletic than Eartha but no motivation. Her sparring was extremely lackluster, more so than Eartha who at least tried and got a good gut punch in.
   Hunter scored high in the first three areas. Nailed push ups, sit ups, and chin ups third fastest of the men overall behind Aamil and Go. Hunter showed off to Elijah. Showed off to Jessie with time to flex his muscles-Erica, who was in his group, appreciated this sight. His sparring went well but Sally suggested that due to his photographic reflexes-meaning he can replicate physical feats-Sally suggested it would be hard to properly determine his fighting ability. She suggested that he did some Bruce Lee style moves in their sparring match.
   Go scored high, top of the men overall. He was very fit, fast runner, and his fighting skills were top notch. Sally spoke that it was the hardest fight she had of the day, with Pearl second.
   Finally Arturo, whose scores were mixed. He was a bit overweight so he had trouble and sparring he scored just above Erica. However his efforts and promises to get better came off as very genuine.
   From there the four broke the team into three groups for hand to hand training. In the advanced class there was Pearl and Go with Aamil barely making the cut. Antoine would take this group. Intermediate would have three of the starting line up with Frank, Araminta, and Elijah-who held his own against Sally after the evaluations were done just to see how far he had come. Also they would have Hunter and April. Jessie would look over this group. Finally Sally would take the novice class with Eartha, Erica, Reed, and Arturo.
   After that they worked out gym routines for half the team. They then split the roster in half and scheduled their gym time so not to crowd the room. That would be their mornings after breakfast. At the appointed time the teams would break into their training groups. Sally would take the novice team in the gym. Jessie would take the team into the new basketball court down in the garage. Antoine would work with the advanced team in the training room. They would break for lunch.
   After lunch would be specialty workshops. This would be a collaborative effort. Control of powers, power development, marksmanship, weapons combat, and fight-in-flight. Instructors changing as the days went by. They knocked out the details for this and then called it for the day.
   While they holed up in the War Room with the training schedule Kate spent time with the team in Ops Room #2 explaining the intelligence portion of the job. She showed them, with Franks help, how they documented cases. There were case files and incident files. Case files were priority enemies and threats. Incident files were smaller case with strong opposition, like piloted mecha robots robbing banks. Kate also introduced them to her team of Acid Burn and the newest edition GR44. They were not seen over the big screen but rather an icon accompanied by their voices over the speakers.
   The team had most the day to themselves until around five when they were broken up into their three groups. There they received their training schedule and discussed what they should work on or focus on.
   The team had a late dinner. A few took to their rooms, others hung out in the game room, a few watched a Harry Potter movie in the theater room, and the resident couple spent the rest of their night together.
   First day of training arrived the next morning. First to hit the gym at 7:00 am was Antoine, Jessie, Elijah, Hunter, Pearl, Go, Aamil, and April. At 8:30 as the first group was finishing up arrived the second half of the team; Sally, Frank, Araminta, Reed, Arturo, Erica and Eartha.
   Fight training was up next and for the novice team Sally had Eartha work on the punching bag, believing Eartha had raw power behind her jabs. Sally had Erica and Arturo trade turns at a routine Sally had worked out. The routine involved one wearing punching mitts and the other attacking and dodging and attacking again. Sally worked closer with Reed, going over what they had already taught him.
   The intermediate team had one on one sparring. Jessie with Elijah, Hunter with Frank, April with Araminta. She offered her critiques on form, body language, and the way they pressed their attacks. She than switched around with Elijah against April, Hunter against Araminta, and finally herself against Frank. She then compared the differences in each fight. They spent the last part of the session just talking about tactics, strengths and weaknesses of each fighter and answering any questions posed.
   The advance team got down to business. They spent a good portion of the session just having an all out, every person for themselves brawl. Aamil out first, no surprise to anyone in the group. Pearl out second-she got tagged good from behind by Antoine. Finally Go went down only moments later. They spent the rest of the session just breathing hard and discussing what went down. The advanced class did not need much, it was just tuning their techniques and skills.
   Lunch and then free time for some, work for others. Araminta, Go, Hunter and Pearl would work together in weapons training. Pearl and Go took instruction of this group. Pearl had training with knives, sticks, bo staff, and target practice. Go had trained with swords so that was his contribution. Around the five o’clock hour Sally, Frank and Erica worked together in the training room. Focused on the control of their powers as well as target practice. After dinner Jessie took Reed, Eartha and Arturo out flying.
   The next day the schedule was mostly the same with the exception of Sally working with Arturo on developing his animal mimicry powers, Jessie working with Aamil on his speed, Antoine doing a target practice session guns.
   The workshops changed but the training was tough and five days in half the team was wanting it to be over.