005: Part 4

   “Hello everyone!” Michie said with pep in her step. She was holding the attention of six of the original seven inside the theater room (Kate left the base after the third day of training and Araminta was assisting Michie with her presentation).
   “As you know I have designed the costumes for Jessie aka Reina Titán. The costumes for Sally, Red Sprite. Beastly-can I call him that or is that just you?”
   “You can call him Beastly,” Jessie assured her with Elijah nodding beside her with his arm around his lady.
   “Beastly’s Mr. Monster costume. Not my best work but the chest symbol is nice. Also Araminta who is helping me with this show,” Michie got on the phone and texted Araminta to send the first one in. A gate opened and out popped out Aamil, the Flash-Man.
   “The new Flash-Man! Now I took Aamil Khattak’s original outfit and made a few minor changes. Still mostly black and, as you see, the white gloves and boots are still here. Changed the belt color to white. The white dots have slight differences. The ones on the front and back of the legs are a little larger. Shrunk the ones on the upper arms. The one on the chest I shrunk and added one of the same size on the gut. The largest white dot is on his back. Yes folks they still light up,” Michie announced and elbowed Flash-Man who grunted but still flipped it on and then off.
   “I made the mask all black because I felt it looked more intimidating,” Michie added.
   Round of applause.
   “Do a spin!” Frank shouted.
   “What is the point of this?” Flash-Man asked after taking his mask off.
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