005: Part 4

by CM Towns

   “Hello everyone!” Michie said with pep in her step. She was holding the attention of six of the original seven inside the theater room (Kate left the base after the third day of training and Araminta was assisting Michie with her presentation).
   “As you know I have designed the costumes for Jessie aka Reina Titán. The costumes for Sally, Red Sprite. Beastly-can I call him that or is that just you?”
   “You can call him Beastly,” Jessie assured her with Elijah nodding beside her with his arm around his lady.
   “Beastly’s Mr. Monster costume. Not my best work but the chest symbol is nice. Also Araminta who is helping me with this show,” Michie got on the phone and texted Araminta to send the first one in. A gate opened and out popped out Aamil, the Flash-Man.
   “The new Flash-Man! Now I took Aamil Khattak’s original outfit and made a few minor changes. Still mostly black and, as you see, the white gloves and boots are still here. Changed the belt color to white. The white dots have slight differences. The ones on the front and back of the legs are a little larger. Shrunk the ones on the upper arms. The one on the chest I shrunk and added one of the same size on the gut. The largest white dot is on his back. Yes folks they still light up,” Michie announced and elbowed Flash-Man who grunted but still flipped it on and then off.
   “I made the mask all black because I felt it looked more intimidating,” Michie added.
   Round of applause.
   “Do a spin!” Frank shouted.
   “What is the point of this?” Flash-Man asked after taking his mask off.

   “You have to have fun with this. It’s silly and cool,” Michie explained before shooing him to sit down. She texted Araminta and the gate opened up and out popped April in her new costume.
   “April O’Day, once spider woman of New Mexico and now the BROWN WIDOW! Now-lets not talk about the travesty of her past costume. After scouring Google image for spiders-yuck-I found one with a decent name and look. Check this russet brown color in the body and legs. Rust colored hour glass symbol on the chest. The sleeves are black as are the gloves which have a small opening on back. I wanted to use the hour glass symbol but that would get in the way of the webbings. Check these black boots with a rust colored stripe down the center. Plus the small black mask connected to the wig of her choice. In this case red. Of course black utility belt. Thoughts?” asked Michie of Brown Widow.
   “I never thought I could make brown work, but I totally do,” April said before hugging Michie. There’s a round of applause (except Flash-Man up in the back seats) and a whistle from Frank.
   A gate opened and out popped Pearl Carpenter, the Kestrel. Kestrel waved to the people in the crowd.
   “Pearl Carpenter’s Kestrel outfit was a nice design that I updated. The main color I switched was the plain orange to burnt orange. That nice silver edging on the black cape inspired me to add a thick silver stripe on the inside of the sleeve down the outside of the pants legs. The silver bird symbol still here. The black domino mask-popular with female heroes, I made larger. Also added a small beak where the nose is and changed the eyes to all white. The belt, hip quiver and leg holster for her crossbow remain the same.”
   “Michie-” Kestrel put a hand on her shoulder.
   Michie had a big smiles, “Yeah?” You like the changes?”
   Kestrel also hugged her. “It’s beautifully bad ass.”
   There is a round of applause and Jessie shouts, “Grab her but!”
   Michie pushed Kestrel back and turned to the crowd to shout, “JESSIE! STOP IT!”
   Kestrel laughs and goes to sit down. The show gets back on track and out hops Go.
   “I did not design this costume-but still its part of the show. Go, modeling as ICHI SENSHI, in a modified blue gakuran uniform. Gakuran is a school uniform in Japan. He has an alternate in white. Matching gloves, black military style boots. Belt hidden by the top. This very scary hockey mask has a 1 in black right there in the middle. Ichi Senshi looks like the random thug in any delinquent manga.”
   “This is what sexy looks like. You bitches take note,” Ichi Senshi said to a round of applause.
   “Thank you Ichi. Now, for a costume I did do some real design work for,” Michie announced and another gate opened, “Arturo Vargas-EL HIJO DE LA BESTIA. That means Son of the Beast. Thank you Jessie for that name.”
   El Hijo hopped out and posed. “Arturo wanted something lucha libre and Jessie’s family lent me some good reference material. Looking at lucha libre, taking in the animal mimicry powers and that his powers were possibly granted by the Mayan God Quetzalcoatl-sorry if I mispronounced that-I came up with this number.
   “Full body avocado green with black, gold and silver feathered serpent design on the outer thighs. Black utility belt. Mask is matching green with black eyes that have this gold trimming. Scary grin with a black film forming around the mouth with silver fangs. He wears a matching short ceremonial cape connected by rope. Got that one from Shazam. Arturo has an alternate costume where the primary color is carnelian red.”
   Arturo bowed to the round of applause and walked into the crowd. Aamil still bored atop, has not clapped once for the show. Michie shoots him a sneer and moves on.
   “Three more. First up Erica Wellmen-WATER!”
   Gate opened and out jumped Water, nervous and uncomfortable.
   “I used two different blues. Midnight blue top with long sleeves and connected gloves plus matching tights. Celestial blue is the second blue. That’s the vest, which is stylized with the popped collar plus it has the thermoplastic-hope I said that right-back pack tank that contains the water she will control. Single thin hose in the sleeves connects into chest piece and that lets the water come out the back of the gloves. She wears celestial blue boots and utility belt with pouches. Midnight blue colored cap that latches at bottom and has adjustable goggles. Got the cap idea from a Catwoman comic,” Michie announced.
   Erica did not say anything, just nodded and walked off to the applause. She was not interested in being a costumed crime fighter and found the fashion show almost as pointless as Aamil did.
   Next up Eartha Davis jumped out holding a helmet with Michie shouting, “This is GRAVITY WOMAN!”
   “How you all doing!?” Eartha said with enthusiasm.
   “She wanted simple and white. So white jumpsuit, zipper down middle, with a violet G on the left chest. I wanted to do a little extra so I put violet stars on the deltoid/shoulder area. Matching violet boots and short gloves. Two large violet color pouches-one one each thigh. Since most everyone has a black utility belt I decided against that for these. I offered her three mask choices since we could not agree,” Michie said.
   “Too many ladies do the domino mask so that’s my back up. I’ll actually use this slick helmet,” Gravity Woman said putting on a white helmet which had a violet visor.
   “At first I though it was corny but its protective, different, and I make it work,” she announced.
   More applause and a couple whistles.
   “Going to have to figure a latch for the helmet,” Michie said before another gate opened up and out came Hunter Manley. “… BRAVADO! Hunter wanted at least three colors for the outfit and a fun superhero design ripped from the comics. Looking to Mister Miracle, various versions of Robin and the superhero work of Jack Kirby plus trying to find interesting color combinations I whipped this up.”
   “I look awesome!” he said while some rolled their eyes at the very anachronistic superhero look.
   “Burgundy long sleeve top that has a skull cap mask connected to the body. As you can see the mask is opened on the bottom. At the center of the top is a fist inside a yellow circle. Pants are charcoal gray and the boots burgundy with big yellow buckles. Gloves are burgundy on the outside, yellow on the inside. Matching yellow utility belt,” Michie described.
   There is an applause and Michie ends with, “Thank you everyone, I’m going to be here for a few days so feel free to tell me how awesome these are.”