Previous Hero Profiles

by CM Towns

The following is the list of my Guard heroes. The classic team plus the two members who joined in the previous story. A quick note and then follow the link for more specific details. Any questions, send them on Twitter or Comment on article.

Araminta-A young woman on the run with the powers to teleport, heal, and create shields. In the third story gets herself a sword. She is the first character you meet in my teen superhero saga.

Brown Widow-Introduced in the 4th story, and recently given name and costume, rejected by her family and became a runaway. Obviously she has spider like powers and she has a nose for investigation.

Flash-Man-Another character introduced in the 4th story. Young Muslim man with super-speed. A bit of a jerk to be truthful however very much in the fight for a better tomorrow.

Huntsman-The youngest on the team, Reed Telle is a video game enthusiast. His power is to morph into a near invincible machine man who can fly, has super strength, and has an arm that turns into a cannon.

Kid Victory-The team leader of the Guard is also a vigilante. Geared up with cool weapons and tech Kid Victory gets underestimated quite often in a world of super powered beings but knows how to win.

Mr. Monster-The prodigal son of a rich family who was a victim of mad science. Mutated into a more bestial form he has strength, speed, and more. Despite the bad luck he maintains his gentlemanly qualities and plays big brother to his teammates who live at the teams HQ.

Professor-Kid Victory’s assistant is the groups main intelligence officer. Decent hacker, researcher, and assistant strategist. Professor may not be on the field but she is important to the team.

Red Sprite-An alien and red mage, Red Sprite is fierce. While soft spoken and somewhat shy when outside costume, she is totally kick ass. The third in command and my worlds second superhero. She partners with Reina Titán against the forces of evil.

Reina Titán-The worlds first superhero and the most dangerous woman in the universe as she’s called. She’s basically the Superman on the team. Flight, strength, energy blasts and more. She’s serious about what she does but would rather be playing music with her friends. Second in command of the Guard.

SubHuman-Another of the original team members is the punk rocker with the electro blasts. SubHuman does not dress like a hero, more like he’s ready to fight in a pit. Joined up with the team to help fight the good fight and beat the crap out of injustice.

Will post more coming up and this week.