Character Profile-Gravity Woman

by CM Towns

Real Name: Eartha P. Davis
Nickname: n/a
Alias’: Jennifer Kitt, Ivy Johnson
Codename: Gravity Woman
Superhero Moniker: Ms. Zero-G
From: Detroit, MI
Ethnicity: Black (Ashanti heritage on fathers side, Sioux Native from a great grandmother)
Hair/Eye Color: Black, short/Brown
Height/Weight: 5’7″/146 lbs.
DOB: November 16th(15 years old)
Classification: Science based mutation
Abilities/Weapons: Controls gravity within a 8 yards of herself.
Origin: During a bank robbery gone awry, Eartha was blasted by a robbers black market purchased exo-skeleton. The misfire killed the robber and harmed many, but a combination of the blast and shrapnel gave Eartha her powers. The government tried to force her into joining their superhero team but Eartha went AWOL and has now joined up with the Guard.
Costume: White jumpsuit, zipper down middle, with a violet G on the left chest and violet stars on shoulders. Violet boots and short gloves. Two large violet color pouches-one one each thigh. Has a white helmet opened in the front, curved outward at the bottom, with violet visor, and latch underneath. Also carries a violet domino.
Family: Parents, Brother
First Appearance: Case File 005-Relics