Character Profile-Ichi Senshi

by CM Towns

Real Name: Go Yasuhiko
Nickname: n/a
Alias: Danny Tok, Dan Yamada
Codename: Ichi Senshi
Moniker: n/a
From: Originally from Ibara, Okayama, Japan but now in Long Beach, CA
Ethnicity: Asian (Korean Mother, Japanese Father)
Hair/Eye Color: Black Pompadour/Brown
Height/Weight: 5’8″/149 lbs.
Bday: October 5th (16 years old)
Classification: Spiritual Energy
Abilities: Expert martial artists whose fighting spirit allows him to create energy blades. Carries smoke bombs, bolo, and more.
Origin: Trained since birth as a fighter, became a school delinquent whose lifestyle forced his parents to split. Scouted by the Guard and he joined up hoping to help fight for good.
Costume: Modified gakuran (Japanese school uniform) in blue or white. Wears matching gloves and black military style boots. Wears a hocky mask with a giant 1 in black right in the center.
Family: Parents (divorced), lives with Mother and her parents.
First Appearance: Case File 005-Relics