Character Profile-Water

by CM Towns

Real Name: Erica Wellmen
Nickname: n/a
Alias’: Paige Smith, Paige Hamner
Codename: Water
Superhero Moniker: n/a
From: Layton, UT
Ethnicity: Caucasian (German, Danish, British, other)
Hair/Eye Color: Red, Medium length/Green
Height/Weight: 5’6″/116 lbs.
Extra Descriptors: Stars on left calf.
DOB: January 3rd (15 years old)
Classification: Magic
Abilities/Weapons: Control over water. Belt has small explosives, knife, water flask,  wire cuffs, and more.
Origin: Mormon girl who exhibited magical attributes shortly after the alien Izam Mizer reopened the flow of magic on Earth. She kept it quiet until she was kidnapped by the Teiwaz who were searching for mages and superhumans. Rescused by the Guard Wellmens family turn their back in their daughter and was put into boarding by the military hoping to get her to work for them. She cut a deal with the Guard, in exchange for about 2 years of service they will give Erica a new identity.
Costume: Midnight blue top with longsleeves and connecting gloves plus matching tights. She wears celestial blue vest over the top which is stylized with popped collar and contains a thermoplastic water tank on the back. Thin hoses lined in the sleeves up to the back hand of the glove hook to the tank. She wears celestial blue boots and same colored cap that connects at bottom and has adjustable goggles.
Family: Parents
First Appearance: Case File 001-Rise of the Guard, Joins team in Case File 005: Relics