Character Profile-Bravado

by CM Towns

Real Name: Hunter Manly
Nickname: n/a
Alias’: Kevin Ketch, Greg Stone
Codename: Bravado
Superhero Moniker: n/a
From: Laredo, TX
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Welsh, French, more)
Hair/Eye Color: Auburn short/Hazel
Height/Weight: 5’10″/173 lbs.
Extra Descriptors: Dallas Cowboys logo on right shoulder.
DOB: March 2nd (16 years old)
Classification: Advanced Human
Abilities/Weapons: Photographic reflexes, voice mimicry. Carries extending staff, few kunai, wire cuffs, and more.
Origin: Young, athletic who discovered his abilities at 14 years of age. Tried out for the mimicry’s superhuman Division 1 but was unused because they felt us powers would be unreliable. Was scouted by the Guard.
Costume: Burgundy long sleeve top that has a skull cap mask connect to the body.  At the center of the top is a fist inside a yellow circle.  Pants are charcoal grey with burgundy boots that have yellow buckles. Gloves are burgundy on the outside, yellow on the inside and matching yellow utility belt
Family: Three sisters (Alanah oldest sibling, Britney middle sister and second oldest, Rosemary youngest of the siblings)
First Appearance: Case File 005-Relics