by CM Towns

Apologies for late chapters. I’ve been in a bad place mentally for a while. Still working out of that. This has kept me from working on the Guard but I finally got back to getting some HTML coding done for the current story. I will get back to rewrites on Case File 8 in the future, when I left off I was almost half way through. I’m going to start third draft/proof read for Case File 7 after by July Vacation.

The writing I have been doing has been and back and forth. Starting on project-abandoning it, starting another and so so on. However I returned to one of the abandoned projects and after a change in the central plot I’ve refocused my efforts and hope to get the first draft done before my vacation.

Anyway this is just an update to let every one know where my heads at. The current story is now picking up pacing after the introductions of the newer characters and it will build to some big bad guy fights, trust me. The 6th story will take the other half of the cast to France, which if you have been reading I mentioned. That story is done.

So-any questions drop me a line. Here or on Twitter. Thank you for following and reading.