Part 22

by CM Towns

   Somewhere underground the War Powers laid in wait. The one with Fragmented circle used its limited telepathic abilities to probe the mind of a maintenance man they had snatched. The man who now laid unconscious at their feet. The War Powers had many gifts and the ability to connect minds with sentient creatures was one of them. They had to be in close proximity to their target, totally focused on said target, and once engaged the trance state would keep them occupied unable to multi-task.
   The Manhunter with the Star dug into its memory and reminded itself of the red planet with its columns and castles and caverns. The oceans and vegetation. The green semi-intelligent beasts that scuttled along at their feet to do the bidding of their master and one of the Great Gods; Tomian. His grand fortress the largest monument of the stars. With the War Powers and Red Soldiers at Tomians command he sought pure control over his siblings and their planets.
   The destruction of the beasts on Earth as well as wars on the Second Planet, the Fifth Planet, and the Ringed Planet. The wars raged on and off and back on. They exterminated various races, left the Fifth Planet beyond decimated and Tomian himself killed two siblings in the great battles. Those were the glory days. They turned back to Earth and battled the beings that now existed. War once more went on and off for centuries. The Gods and their lesser Gods and their creations embroiled in much bloodshed. Jerole and the battered Pziavl combined forces and it seemed they ultimately won.

   Once the Fragmented Power came back from its trance it said, “Much has changed. For the worst.”
   The man started to awake on the ground. He looked up and screamed.
   “Run human. We will spare you this day,” the Fragmented Power directed and with that the man ran for his life.
   “Was that wise?” asked the Starred One.
   “It is fine. His mind answered much so a reprieve. Now to the humans, they have benefited from this evolution. Smarter, more dangerous, but self destructing. Their structures-buildings and monuments-impressive. Science and math have opened doors for them. Their grasp of history however is pathetic,” it replied.
   “They know little of the early world. The truths about the beasts they call dinosaurs. They know little of the temple Barritis. They know nothing of the names of the Great Gods. Nothing of our master Tomian,” the Fragmented Manhunter answered his partner.
   “This is a wrong! What about the aliens? Is it true?”
   “Yes. It seems there may have been a God of Greater Power! Worlds across an unknown span. Each with their own temple. Each with their own Great Gods.”
   “Fascinating,” commented the Starred Manhunter.
   “It is,” agreed the Fragmented Manhunter.
   “So it will be more of a challenge to kill all the humans.”
   “Yes, a greater challenge yet we still stand superior. Even without Jerole and his weapons.”
   “The ones who faced us?”
   “There was absence of what they call magic but for us what was simply called power. It only returned of recent. Invaders from others worlds pushed the humans technological advancement forward. Opened the gates to Earths great flow of energy. Those kids are a result of this worlds new era. They are called superheroes. HA HA HA HA HA!!!” it said.
   “Does that make us super villains?” inquired the Starred Power.
   “What of their firepower. The non superheroes?”
   “Weapons of destruction that are impressive yet only the most dangerous of which could be effective against us, but the collateral damage would be massive in populated areas. It would be a last resort tactic,” the Fragmented Power answered.
   “Please expand on their weaponry,” the Starred One inquired.
   “They have these things called guns that fire small metal bits called bullets. That is small scale. Moving up they have large projectiles that make large fireballs. Moving further up the chain they have weapons that make those explosions look minor. So many weapons,” it answered.
   The Starred Manhunter responded, “Interesting. So how do we start the slaughter?”
   “They have harnessed what they call electricity. It gives them light and other tools. We have to blacken sections. Use the cover to slaughter and destroy what is around. Then we move on,” answered Fragmented Manhunter.
   “How do we blacken these areas exactly?”
   “They have these ropes-or cables-that transmit the electricity. They are sometimes on wooden columns, other time embedded in the ground. There are facilities with controls. Also these metal fixtures that are present through out their city structures. Many options. We can also destroy them when a surge happens. We damage something powerful and it will shut down large areas,” continued the Fragmented Manhunter.
   “Could we start with the underground transports?”
   “I believe we could.”
   The War Powers raised their weapons and and in unison praised their maker.