Part 23

by CM Towns

   Huntsman stood perched atop one of the many building in the city, waiting for his teammate. Gravity Woman dropped next to him with some food.
   “You sure you didn’t want anything?” Gravity Woman asked.
   “In this state I don’t need to eat,” replied Huntsman.
   “When you get out of that metal form?”
   “I eat like its the last meal ever.”

   Gravity Woman started to chow down on a hotdog and watched Huntsman as he concentrated his view in one direction.
   “Problems?” she asked.
   “Sirens that way,” Huntsman pointed.
   “You think it’s them?”
   Huntsman looked to where they came from, the subway crash that knocked out the power in a couple blocks. To the east of that, meters away, a smaller yet similar sight. He looked back to the directions of the sirens.
   “Maybe. It’s hard to tell,” he answered.
   Gravity Woman felt strange seeing Reed this way. When he was around the house he was playing video games and uninterested in the details of these missions. Now out on the job he seemed focus and a little annoyed with himself at how little effect he had on the old machines they ran into.
   “So you’re a total pro at all this. Any tips for a semi-pro like myself?” Gravity Woman asked after finishing a bite.
   “Whats your hobbies? What do you like to do?”
   “Hair, fashion… Um… Music and TV.”
   “Do a lot of that.”
   “I doubt there is a lot of hair to work on at the base. Maybe a little haircut and trim,” she said.
   “Then work on fashion. Sewing machine, pins and needles. We got a machine that makes clothes. All you got to do is feed it fabric and a clear design.”
   “That actually sounds pretty cool.”
   “Come on, let’s take a look at where those sirens were going,” Huntsman said.
   Gravity Woman flew with her drink in hand, following Huntsman who took the lead. it only took a few minutes before they could see a hole in the street. They found another building to land on and considered their options.
   “It didn’t seem like they were moving this way but I guess so. I wonder what direction they are heading. Or if they are just making it up as they go,” Gravity Woman said.
   “How much do we know about these things?” Huntsman asked.
   “Their hard to kill and they are somewhat smart.”
   “Then I say we assume the worst.”
   “I don’t like to assume the worst. That means there is the potential for things to develop in a way worst than what they are now,” Gravity Woman said.
   “You grasp the statement well.”
   “I know right? Let me call in and see whats up.”
   Gravity Woman spoke with Mr. Monster, first updated with what they had seen. They were moving underground and slamming through subway systems, knocking out power at certain to several blocks at a time. Monster then filled Gravity in with what else was going on. Flash-man checked up on some sites and only caught a couple thugs affiliated with Fliopt. The biggest score was some weapons but little else. Told her Jessie was still busy but that she called in with gave some information including that Fliopt was traveling with a female Harkin named Liola and both probably using disguise charms. Monster next listed off a few federal agencies who were represented into the city. Monster ended the update by telling her that he and the others were back at base waiting for anymore information to come.
   “We can head back if you want,” Gravity Woman said to Huntsman.
   “They don’t want us to keep following?”
   “Its up to us really. But we’re not allowed to engage”
   Huntsman looked back down below and Gravity Woman knew that she would prefer to be back at base. They had not yet seen the extent of the Manhunsters strength and she was not eager to test them now. Huntsman might be able to hold his own but Gravity Woman felt more comfortable fighting defensively if it came to blows with them. She lined up the team against the monsters in her head and wondered how Kestrel or Flash-Man could face off against them. Ichi Senshi could get in some hits with his weapon but also seemed out classed. Mr. Monster might have the mix of strength, speed and smarts to beat them but it felt slim. The thoughts of this battle started to worry her.
   We’re a team, she thought.
   As a team the fight would be less scary. Kestrel might not have super powers but she’s quick, clever and handy with weapons. Flash-Man has the speed beyond anything Gravity Woman had ever seen and was fearless from what she could tell. Ichi Senshi also had the intestinal fortitude to not give a fuck. Then there Mr. Monster, Hunstman and of course Reina Titán. Her own powers could be applied defensively as well as offensively. As a team the odds were better.
   “What do you want to do?” asked Huntsman.
   “I-a little mixed about what to do. Could use some sleep and I don’t want these things sneaking up on me but… I do feel we could fly around some more. See if we gather anything useful,” Gravity Woman answered.
   Huntsman nodded. “We’ll give it an hour and then head back. You can clock the time because obviously I don’t carry much in this form.”
   “Okay robot boy, which way?”
   Huntsman pointed further down the street and said, “That way.”
   “You lead the way.”
   Huntsman blasted off and Gravity Woman followed behind.