Part 24

   Night rolled in with Jessie taking on aerial surveillance and checking the destruction they had been attributed to the Alien War Powers. Aamil was monitoring police chatter and in contact with GR44 back at base. Pearl and Eartha were passed out in their beds while Reed, Elijah, Go and Michie were in the living room with board games while the TV was on low, keeping them tuned into the local news.
   “They are investigating the tunnels. Doing so slowly. The Hub hasn’t reported anything. Right now nothing, but those things can’t stay hidden for too long,” Elijah explained to Jessie on the phone.
   “Not with the military moving in,” Michie commented. She was seated next to Elijah as she studied the Sorry board before making her move.
   “You be safe. …Yes, me too. Bye,” Elijah said before hanging up. He turned to Michie and said, “You’ve been here before. Sitting on the sidelines waiting for news on Jessie and Sally, how do you deal with it?”
   “I use to sleep badly. Always worried. Now I normally sleep okay. But I always kept my phone close by,” Michie answered.
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