Part 24

by CM Towns

   Night rolled in with Jessie taking on aerial surveillance and checking the destruction they had been attributed to the Alien War Powers. Aamil was monitoring police chatter and in contact with GR44 back at base. Pearl and Eartha were passed out in their beds while Reed, Elijah, Go and Michie were in the living room with board games while the TV was on low, keeping them tuned into the local news.
   “They are investigating the tunnels. Doing so slowly. The Hub hasn’t reported anything. Right now nothing, but those things can’t stay hidden for too long,” Elijah explained to Jessie on the phone.
   “Not with the military moving in,” Michie commented. She was seated next to Elijah as she studied the Sorry board before making her move.
   “You be safe. …Yes, me too. Bye,” Elijah said before hanging up. He turned to Michie and said, “You’ve been here before. Sitting on the sidelines waiting for news on Jessie and Sally, how do you deal with it?”
   “I use to sleep badly. Always worried. Now I normally sleep okay. But I always kept my phone close by,” Michie answered.

   “Sorry,” Reed said to Go.
   “I hate this game,” he replied.
   “How am I doing?” Elijah asked Michie.
   “What do you mean?
   “With Jessie?”
   “You want me to rank you to her exes?” questioned Michie.
   “Please don’t,” Reed said.
   “Oooooooh! Jessie’s sordid sexual past. Proceed,” Go said. Elijah pointed to Go and shook his head. Go smiled and said, “I’m kidding, kidding.”
   “Anyway-” Elijah started.
   “Bumped,” Reed told Michie as he moved.
   “You little-” Michie said having to move her piece back to start.
   “I sometimes question why she agreed to be my better half. Is my personality really good enough to attract such a fierce, gorgeous rockstar lady like Jessie?” asked Elijah.
   “Jessie is attracted to people she can talk to for hours and hours. Physical attraction is not something she normally acts upon,” said Michie finishing her next move.
   “So I rank up well?”
   “Her last boyfriend was a bit of a prick taking jabs at her love of wrestling. Once stood her up to see a show. You however have taken time to try and get into her obsession,” Michie told him.
   “That’s extremely minor,” said Elijah making his move.
   “Her bands been working on a cover to that Howlin’ Wolf song. She’s actually bought a couple of his albums,” add Michie.
   “It does warm my heart to know I pointed her to such great music,” Elijah said.
   “You’re doing good,” Michie said.
   “Any gift ideas? I have been thinking of getting her a gift. Sort of a four month anniversary but she doesn’t like jewelry and I feel cheap with just going with most gifts. You know-being rich,” said Elijah.
   “Memorabilia. Wrestling or music related. You can get her jewelry but I would suggest it being personalized,” offered Michie.
   “Personalized…” he thought. Elijah smiled. “Thank you Michie.”
   “Wait a minute? Three months together? That doesn’t sound right.”
   “Not together, since she saved me. Technically the team saved me but you get the point,” Elijah said to her.
   “AHHHHHH!” Michie and Go said together.
   “Yuck,” Reed countered before he continued, “Can you people not talk about all that stuff.”
   Reed made another move and won the game.
   “Board games are boring and and no fun,” Go commented looking at the stack of games. They already lost to Reed at Clue, twice. Go then suggested, “Lets try this Life.”
   “You want to lose again?” inquired Reed.
   “Oh you’re so cute!” Michie got up off the floor and sat next to Reed to give Reed a hug. She said, “The way you said that was so blunt and without arrogance. So cute!”
   “Why are you hugging me?” asked Reed.
   Elijah was putting away Sorry and Go was getting Life ready to play.
   “She’s still hugging me,” Reed said as she started to rub the side of her face against his.
   “You’re going to be a heart breaker,” Michie added.
   “No I’m not. I don’t want to hurt anyone. Somebody help me!”
   A collective AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
   Michie released Reed and smiled before looking to Go and saying, “I bet you’re a heart breaker back home.”
   “It’s the hair right? Or the cute face? Damn I look good,” joked Go.
   “So you were really a banchou back in Japan?” asked Michie.
   “Wow. You must watch a lot of animé.”
   “Whats a banchou?” Elijah asked.
   “High school gang member of sorts. Basically I fought other teens in my schools or other schools, smashed things, basically a pain in the ass,” he said.
   “Jessie showed me film about that. So that’s real?” asked Elijah.
   Go nodded. “Yeah… Just not as big a deal as manga makes it out to be.”
   “But you have gotten kicked out of schools before?” questioned Michie.
   “Then you moved here with your parents?” asked Elijah.
   Go answered, “Just my mom. We’re living with my Grandparents. My dad is back in Fuji. It’s part of the Shizuoka prefecture. You guys don’t gave prefectures in the States so I’d say its like a county.”
   “Hey! Can we please start playing?” asked Reed.
   “We are about to start playing,” Elijah said grabbing the green car and placing it down.
   “So why did you move?” inquired Michie.
   “Parents having issues, mostly around me,” he said.
   “That sucks,” she replied.
   “Someone needs to explain this game to me,” Go said.
   “It’s simple-no. Its actually rather dumb, why are we even playing this one?” Elijah said.
   “I pulled it because of the name,” Go responded.
   “Oh. Well here’s what its about-” Elijah stopped when the power went out in the suite. They looked at each other and got up, moved toward the windows.
   “The whole city,” Michie commented.
   “Anything on the chatter?” Elijah asked.
   Go went to the dining room and spoke with Aamil who turned up the scanner.
   “Sounds like its everywhere!” Aamil shouted.
   Elijah grabbed his phone, “Hub, we got a problem here.”