Part 27

by CM Towns

   On West 77th and Broadway the Guard found themselves struggling with the remaining War Power. The one with Star-like symbol on its chest tore through buildings and cars. Leaving bodies on the street of anyone foolish to have been out or to be trying to stand it its way. When Mr. Monster, Huntsman, Kestrel, Ichi Senshi and Gravity Woman arrived on the scene the conflict did not feel even. The War Power was too strong. It absorbed their attacks and clicked them away until a sudden pause in the fight where it shut down. After a few moments then it let loose a distorted scream and unleashed a series of energy blasts form the narrow slit it had for eyes, before running through a series of buildings.
   Two minutes had passed since then, minutes that felt longer than they actually were. Kestrel and Gravity Woman were atop a two story building where the top floor were homes and the bottom floors were business’. Gravity Woman was cussing the situation while rubbing her helmet which had been given good protection. Kestrel was loading an arrow into her crossbow as her mind raced on possible ways to contribute beside being the distraction.
   “I got a plan,” said Kestrel.

   “Seriously?” Gravity Woman commented.
   “Maybe,” she replied. Kestrel focused the night vision goggles on her target and shot at a fire hydrant. It exploded it at the feet of the Manhunter who moved forward, stalking Mr. Monster. The next arrow she fired electrified the water at the War Powers feet. The Starred Manhunter only paused before it swung its flail. The chain extended and Gravity Woman few herself and Kestrel up to avoid the large spiked ball as it smashed into the building.
   “That was a bad idea,” Gravity Woman stated.
   Mr. Monster used the distraction to lunge at the larger opponent. The Manhunter had more a 4 foot height advantage over Mr. Monster but that did not stop him from forcing it down on its back. Mr. Monster tried clawing into the War Powers chest but it was almost impenetrable. The Manhunter tried a blast but Mr. Monster jumped off to avoid the attack.
    It sat up and Ichi Senshi hit it in the back of the head with his spirit sword. It stunned the Manhunter for a brief second but it responded by trying to throw a hand at Ichi. Ichi Senshi flipped back, got poised for another attack, went high with a swing that connected with the enemies head. Mr. Monster came from the back to clip the leg. The Manhunter fell over, it kicked up catching the incoming Mr. Monster. Rolling back it swung its flail and spike at Ichi who actually knocked away the weapon with his sword. The War Power blasted at him but Ichi was pushed aside by Huntsman who took the brunt of the laser before he was hit by the spike.
   Moments ago Huntsman was knocked far and away after a one on one rumble. He tried hitting the Starred Manhunter with everything he had and got blasted and plowed with the flail.
   Woman tossed a large car at the Manhunter, knocking him back. The SUV knocked it to all fours but the War Power started back up to its feet. Kestrel hopped out of a car she hotwired and drove into the War Powers legs. It crashed, forced the enemy over onto the vehicle but once again it recuperated quickly.
   Kestrel was fiddling with her arrows-looking for something to use. The Manhunter was on another level and the combination of her trick arrows and martial arts training could do little against a magical monster. Kestrel looked up briefly and saw Mr. Monster grab her in time to avoid the incoming spiked ball.
   Kestrel shouted, “FUCK!”
   Gravity Woman launched chunks of debris but it only had the War Power swatting them away before skimming her with a blast that cut Gravity on the arm and left a bad burn. She screamed in pain, spiraling down but Mr. Monster caught her. Huntsman grabbed the Starred Manhunter from behind and drove it down. He flew up into the sky and laid heavy fire into the enemy. It responded by a wild swing of the flail, knocking Huntsman into the corner of the building.
   Ichi Senshi approached the Manhunter while avoiding kicks from the slower enemy. He mocked the Manhunter from Mars and when Ichi saw his opening he leaped high, then swung his spirit sword into the neck area of the War Power. It staggered. Ichi Senshi lunged forth once more but caught a fist to the gut that sent him crashing into the side of a building. He knew he had some cracked ribs. Ichi was in pain and spat up blood, he needed a moment to heal. One of his powers included focused healing. It was not nearly as strong as Mr. Monsters healing factor and needed much concentration, which would keep him out of the fight but a half a minute of focus could make all the difference. Ichi found a spot and worked on that.
   A blast caught the War Power in the chest and it stumbled back.
   “COME ON!!!” Huntsman shouted. The War Power aimed its spiked ball and Huntsman caught it, smashed it into rubble.
   The War Power looked at its flail and tossed it. It started to levitate off the ground, Gravity Woman pulling it up into the air before she drove their enemy through the street. It pulled outside out quick but Huntsman rushed and landed a couple punches but was knocked down with a chop before the War Power punted Huntsman away.
   The Manhunter caught an exploding arrow to the back of the neck. It turned to see Kestrel which gave enough distraction for Mr. Monster to use a leaping forearm. The Manhunter responded with a kick but Monster bounced off the leg and nailed two boots to the head. The Manhunter hit the side of the building but moved forward.
   Huntsman unloaded blow after blow to the head of the Manhunter.
   “GET HIM!” Huntsman directed.
   Mr. Monster hooked the leg, lifted and dropped the enemy down into the street. Ichi Senshi came down with the sword to the back of the head. Mr. Monster and Ichi moved as Gravity Woman dropped big pieces of debris on the Manhunter but still it was not enough as the enemy started up onto all fours. Huntsman flew in but got a big blast of the eye lasers. The War Power swatted Mr. Monster who tumbled into the incoming Kestrel. Ichi launched himself but caught an elbow to the already bruised ribs. Another blast forced Gravity Woman to dodge.
   “I WILL NOT FALL TO INSECTS!” it screamed with its arms to the sky.
   Huntsman blew off the right forearm with as strong a blast it could.
   “WE’RE NOT INSECTS!” Huntsman shouted before a blast put him down. Followed by the War Power taking a leap and slamming onto Huntsman, the collision smashing them through the streets into the sewer.
   Gravity Woman started to lift the War Power into the air and it responded with a blast that Mr. Monster leaped into, taking the searing pain. The force of the blast sent him into Gravity Woman and both crashed into the ground. Ichi sliced into part of the chest of the Manhunter but gut a knee to the chest. A brown tailed arrow it the gut, an splattered a liquid that was attempting to eat through the metal alloy that the Manhunter was made of.
   “I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!!!” it bellowed.
   Reina Titán landed in front of the War Power.
   “IT WAS YOU!” the Manhunter hollered as Reina walked forward.
   “I am the champion of this world,” breathed heavily she continued, “As graced by power from Jerole. I killed your boy…” Reina’s worked through the lack of breath to finish, “And I’m going to kill you.”
   “Do it then,” was its response.
   Reina charged up her body, fired forward into her High Speed Strike, and smashed through the weaken Manhunter. It fell to the ground while Reina Titán was hunched over, hands on knees and vomiting. She looked over to her teammates who were gathering, gave the thumbs up.
   “Sorry I’m late,” Reina Titán said.
   “… No… Not… Yet…” the Manhunter was trying to say as it crawled. Huntsman slammed down into its head before hopping back and putting a final last on the dead War Power.
   Reina gave him the thumbs up before collapsing into Mr. Monsters arms.