Part 28

by CM Towns

   Fliopt and Liola were disguised as humans. Fliopt fashioned his look after Tom Cruise with a few differences. Younger, a few inches taller, lighter colored hair and different shaped nose. Liola was pretty in a charm that made her look like a waif sized model from a runway show. The two were in parking lot structure along with three heavily armed masked men working out details for the pairs escape. The men held their large guns close while standing near a black van that had a fake Electrician Company banner on the side.
   “It’s half up front. Another half a mill on arrival. Plus some very valuable tools and weapons,” Fliopt offered.
   “We want the good shit,” one said.
   “That of course is a promise. Make those guns you carry look like yesteryears garbage,” Fliopt replied.
   “Alright, you have a deal,” another man said.
   “Excellent. Then let’s get a move on quick. I want to be outta this city,” said Fliopt.
   An arrow hit the ground, a flash bang made them avert their eyes. In the confusion Kestrel took out one man with a swift sweep to the legs while Ichi Senshi and Mr. Monster took out the other two. Fliopt and Liola stood with their backs to the car they arrived in and saw themselves outnumbered by Guard members.

   “Come easily or we will do this by force,” Mr. Monster directed.
   Fliopt looked over the opposition. Mr. Monster, Kestrel, Ichi Senshi, Flash-Man and Huntsman stared him down. Fliopt considered his options and said, “No thanks.”
   Flash-Man tried to move in quick but Fliopt held a small crystal ball in his hand, chanted a word and created an invisible barrier that Flash-Man collided with. He then tossed a pair of gems, shouting another incantation and those jewels turned into gemstone monsters. Huntsman fired on one but the blast reflect off and back at him. Mr. Monster lunged at one but was caught and tossed aside. Monster caught the ledge preventing his falling outside.
   Ichi and Kestrel moved to take on one of the monsters but the Ichi’s word seemed to have little effect and neither did Kestrel’s kicks. Ichi Senshi put a little more power into his weapon, slammed it into the gut of the monster which staggered it some. Kestrel loaded her crossbow and fired at the monster who was being distracted by Flash-Man. The arrow exploded and the monsters stumbled back some more. Flash-Man grabbed its arm and pulled it forth, tripping it into the concrete barrier of the lot.
   Huntsman, back into the fight after a few moments of talking down to himself, gripped the other gemstone monster Ichi was now fighting with and broke it into two halves before stomping it into smaller pieces. Flash-Man and Kestrel used their combined strength to push the other gemstone beast over the barrier and out the sixth floor of the lot.
   “Everyone okay?” asked Flash-Man.
   “I am really sucking this week,” Huntsman said.
   “You’re doing fine. We’d have died the other day if it wasn’t for you,” Kestrel assured him.
   “Where’s Monster?” Ichi asked.
   Mr. Monster was on the hood of the car that Fliopt was using for a getaway. He ripped out the door and tried reaching in to pull Fliopt out. The car swerved and Monster leaped off before hit collided with a barrier. Mr. Monster walked over and pulled Fliopt from the wreckage and tossed him to the ground. He checked the other Harkin inside before turning to Fliopt who was pulling himself up.
   “Time to end this,” Mr. Monster said.
   “My thoughts exactly,” Fliopt responded with a fireball from his crystal. Mr. Monster dodged and moved forward, gripped around Fliopts collar but a burst of fire caught him in the face. Fliopt kicked him back but before he could create distance Flash-Man tackled him. A blast of electricity to the center light on Flash-Mans costume sent a shock through his body. Fliopt got up to move and a blast stopped him cold. Huntsman had his gun trained on him.
   “This is just not my lucky day, is it?” Fliopt said.
   “Drop the weapon,” Huntsman directed.
   “Gladly,” he replied dropping the crystal ball. It shattered and a rising cloud of smoke escaped from it quickly. Fliopt was gone and Huntsman cussed.
   “This has been a terrible mission. I want that on the record,” Flash-Man said.
   “Agreed,” Huntsman said.
   “Are you okay?” Mr. Monster asked Flash-Man.
   “No. I ache all over. Plus a massive headache,” he answered.
   Kestrel and Ichi Senshi arrived as Mr. Monster started to pull the injured Liola from the car.
   “So Fliopt got away?” Kestrel asked.
   “Yes but we got his partner here,” Mr. Monster answered.
   “That’s not a big win,” she responded.
   “We saved Manhattan from the Manhunters from Mars and captured some Harkin villains. It’s actually a pretty big win,” Mr. Monster responded.
   “What are we going to do with her?” Ichi inquired.
   “Call the cops. Everything she knows we’ll know in time,” Mr. Monster responded.
   “But we’re done, right? We can go back home now?” Huntsman asked.
   “Yes, we can,” Mr. Monster smiled.
   “Thank you! I miss my video games!” Huntsman said.
   Liola was tied up and left for the proper authorities who arrived shortly after. They were en route even before the team informed them of who was cuffed. The team arrived back to the suite-some immediately crashed, others stayed up and hung out. The mission was over, time for some relaxation.