The Young Heroes of the Guard

by CM Towns

Araminta-The mysterious witch.
Bravado-Hunter Manly, the man with photographic reflexes.
Brown Widow-April O’Day, the spider woman.
El Hijo De La Bestia-Arturo Vargas, the animal mimic.
Flash-Man-Aamil Khattak, the speedster
Gravity Woman-Eartha P. Davis, holds controls over gravitation.
Huntsman-Reed Telle, the kid machine man.
Ichi Senshi-Go Yasuhiko, spirit powered fighter.
Kestrel-Pearl Carpenter, A young vigilante who likes her crossbow.
Kid Victory-Antoine Jackson, the vigilante with all the cool gear and the leader of the team.
Mr. Monster-Elijah Sterling Collingsworth III, the gentleman beast.
Professor-Kate Stokes with intel, hacks, support and smarts.
Red Sprite-Sally Kanzaki, fire elemental and minor sorceress.
Reina Titán-Jessica Dolores James, the most powerful superhuman on Earth.
SubHuman-Frank Tremaine, electro shooting punk.
Water-Erica Wellmen, water elemental.