The Guard-Case Files Overview

by CM Towns

The Guard has finished 5 Case Files and the 6th will be happening in a few weeks. Here’s what you need to know.

Case File 001-Rise of the Guard
Its been three years since the dawn of the superhuman age. When a runaway known only as Araminta finds herself the target of mysterious men she is rescued by the worlds first superhero Reina Titán. Araminta is then introduced to a group of teenage heroes who have banded together to take down the terrorist organization known as the Teiwaz.

Notes: This story introduces the seven of the eight guard members with the Professor not being seen until next story. If you care the team consists of 4 males, 4 females. Four Caucasian, one Latino, two black Americans, one humanoid who looks Asian in Red Sprite. Who was very inspired by magical girls. As for LGBTQA, about the half the heroes but I only specify one at this time. Or maybe its in the second story… I forget. I also feature scenes with two major supporting characters who help the Guard with gears, intelligence, handling resources and more. The bad guys, Teiwaz, are similar to Marvels Hydra with a heavier leaning on Neo-Nazism. Despite being 22 chapters long its only about 150 pages so a short read.

Case File 002-Old Monsters
The teenage heroes of the Guard are working to get their operation up and running. They continue to look into Teiwaz activities as well as creating files on potential dangers, setting up an off site Intelligence Hub and planning renovations to their secret headquarters. All this while getting to know one another better. Soon a museum robbery brings new trouble the teams way. An ancient evil whose been awakened and its up to the Guard to face down the monster and then the puppeteer behind the scenes.

Notes: This story is more on the development of the team. Both with the characters getting along with one another as well as developing the team as a unit. A fave chapter is Part 5 where most the heroes are hanging out, most playing cards and others just watching. I believe it hits on all their personalities. There is an introduction of one of the series main villains who plays a major role down the line. Also the Professor makes a proper debut and we meet another important supporting character. Running 18 chapters and a little shorter than the first story.

Case File 003-Kirby City Crackles
The Guard is currently split between both coasts, working on their training. Jessie and Sally are overseeing Reed and Araminta while Antoine is leading Frank and Elijah. Antoine, better known as Kid Victory, gets the news of a jail break and finds out one of his rogues has decided to return to Kirby City to throw a party.

Notes: The Guard is a result of two things-a bunch of Kid Victory stories I wrote for my own enjoyment and a failed attempt (multiple really) of a Reina Titan novel. So a lot of this series is based on putting together both ideas. In this story I wanted to play up Kid Victory’s very classic superhero background. The villains vary from mercs to aliens to arms dealers. I also wanted to do some further world building. I also introduce the families of Kid Victory and Reina (and foster sister Red Sprite). 19 parts and about the same length as the first two stories.

Case File 004-Dagger
A series of attacks on US government instillations has George Blackwell seeking help from the Guard. This leads to the team of young heroes going up against the ruthless Daga Cartel-the number one criminal empire in Mexico. With the cartel having operations not just located in Mexico but also in several states the team is forced split up. Along the way they team with a couple new heroes-the Spider Woman of New Mexico and the worlds only known speedster.

Notes: This book introduces my Latino transwoman character who gets named Brown Widow in the fifth story and my Muslim speedster who gets dubbed Flash-Man. From a readers perspective Brown Widows very likeable but form y writing perspective I enjoy Flash-Man. This story sees the team splint into three sections taking on several operations so it jumps around a bit. One of the villains I introduce, Tiro Certero, I really enjoyed. Very much in that super bad ass merc territory. 18 chapters only.

Case File 005-Relics
As the Guard expands its ranks two new cases come down. First case takes Reina Titán and her team to Manhattan to track down an enemy she has history with, a stranded alien named Fliopt. A gifted mage who has utilized his talents and knowledge of alien technology to become one of the most in demand gun runners on Earth. Fliopt has come to Manhattan is in search of a treasure that he could use to bury his competitors and anyone who may choose to stand in his way.

Notes: This is the longest story thus far and opens with several chapters introducing new teammates and showcasing them training together as well as teasing future developments. After 8 chapters Reina, Monster, Huntsman, Flash-Man along with new members Gravity Woman, Ichi Senshi, and Kestrel are the focus of the story. The villain Fliopt ties into Reina and Red Sprites back story. You’ll also see the LGBTQA status upped. Also Kestrel is Native American/Mixed heritage, Ichi is Japanese/Korean, and Gravity Woman is black. This story also features Reina really showing the extant of her powers.

The upcoming sixth story will focus on the other half of the team. Details in a few weeks.