006: Part 1

by CM Towns

   In Kid Victory’s home base of operations in Kirby County, specifically the city of Elias Beach, Kate Stokes finished prepping her underlings on the first of the two operations. First having laid out what was planned for one half of the Guard in New York and Kate now was ready to move on to talk about the team headed to France. Kate Stokes, alias the Professor, is Kid Victory’s partner and the head of the Guards Intelligence Hub. The Hubs purpose is to provide technical support, document files, assist in investigations and operations. The Hub itself was a loft with three workstations. There was the bigger more elaborate set up for Kate herself and then two desks pushed back to back for her two subordinates. The workstations features top of the line computers that were made specifically for the team. Other major tech they had was a printer/fax and a work table. The work table allowed for holographic imagery but Kate rarely had use for it. The rest of the loft was the kitchen, the living area at the far end, and upstairs the mezzanine with futons and bookcases.
   Kate and the others sat in the living area taking a moment before the next debrief. The News was on the wall mounted plasma, on mute but with captions. The two other members of the Intelligence Hub included Vidya Mistry, whose handle was Acid Burn. She was recruited only months ago at the beginning of what the team classified as their Third Case File. She has done well to adjust to the work even though her hours are limited between school and demands at home. The third and newest recruit was Jack Hughes, who went by GR44. A former military man who lost is left leg in combat. Hughes was mixed race with caramel tanned skin. Jack was average height, had a strong frame, stubble on his face and a small scar under his right eye. Friend of the team, super-scientist Tesla, introduced him to Kid Victory and after a while Victory brought the man in. Jack, being an adult, had more free time than the girls. He worked part time at Innovative Arts, was taking classes, and most of his free time was dedicated to helping the Guard.
   “Okay troops, this is what is happening,” Kate started, “The second team of Kid Victory and Red Sprite are leading SubHuman, Araminta, Brown Widow, Water, Bravado, and El Hijo de la Bestia in the France operation. There has been a spike in Teiwaz activity through out parts of Europe. Or I should say a number of crimes have been blamed on the organization since we helped expose them. In recent months the group has become more bold. We do not know why,” Kate explained.

   “Punk ass Nazi bitches,” commented Jack.
   “I hate them,” Vidya agreed.
   “Now… There have been a few various operations starting up and closing down. First in parts of the UK, and then Germany, Poland and Sweden. They seem to stage terrorist attacks as well as raiding various industries and labs. I imagine also looking to recruit like minded individuals,” Kate explained.
   “So they move in, cause a lot of troubles and then shut down operations. How much time between these? Do we know where they have been based out of? The major cities or smaller areas?” Jack asked.
   “Outside Thetford in Norfok county in England. Hanover in Germany. Kraków in lesser Poland. In Sweden they were in Hofors. These were factories or buildings that are believed to have been command centers. However they were all cleared out when raided. There were also various smaller work centers spaced around the countries in major cities,” Kate answered.
   “We have information about all these places and their activities, right?” Vidya asked.
   “Yes. we were provide everything that our sources have. We can use it to try and figure out some patterns,” Kate said.
   “These Teiwaz seem to be jumping all around. Probably to avoid guessing where they’ll pop up next,” Jack said.
   Vidya spoke, “I know this is an operation but France-I always wanted to go there. Where are they staying?”
   “A safe house in Paris we’re borrowing. That’s all I can say on the matter,” answered Kate.
   “How long until they arrive?” asked Jack.
   “They are expected to land 6:30 pm our time. Plus the time to stow the Flier and make their way to the safe house. Now there is a six hour difference between us and France, a usual nine hour flight that should be dealt with in six to seven hours using the Flier,” answered Kate.
   “Those Fliers are quick,” Vidya said.
   “You said Paris but that is a huge area. Can you give a rough idea of where so we can try to map the location and neighboring areas?” inquired Jack.
   “Encl-Encl-My French is not the best… Enclos-St-Laurent or the 10th… Arrondissement of Paris. That’s all I know,” Kate told him.
   “I’ll pull up maps for that area in France and neighboring aarondissments. I’m sure it’ll be harder for them to navigate there than it will be for our Manhattan team,” Jack said.
   “You’ve been to Paris?” Vidya asked Jack.
   “Once, years back. It was nice,” answered Jack.
   “You have to tell me about it.”
   “Hey! Operation debriefing. Lets not go off on to other subjects right now,” directed Kate.
   “Sorry,” Vidya told her.
   “Okay. The big issue of course is scheduling. Vidya has less time to offer due to commitments so-,” Kate dug into her pocket, “We will allow you to connect your laptop to your work computer.”
   Vidya took the paper and looked at the directions. She smiled. This meant the team was putting more trust into her.
   “Be very careful. We don’t want your parents to know you’ve been masquerading as IT support for vigilante superheroes,” Kate told her.
   Vidya nodded. “I’ll be very careful.”
   “Jack, since you do not have a curfew I think it will be no problem for you to work late or even stay over. I will talk with Tesla about having you maybe do some work at their site or even getting a couple days off with pay. That sound good?” Kate said to him.
   “Sounds good ma’am,” responded Jack.
   “Please don’t call me ma’am.”
   “Okay, sir.”
   “Now you’re just messing with me.”
   He smirked. “A little bit.”
   “Okay team, Jack you deal with maps and charts for France. Vidya first I want you to bullet point the information for the New York operation and see if any new details or leads have popped up. I’ll start working on bullet point facts for the France mission. Remember-our jobs make their jobs easier to do. Lets not let them down,” Kate said.
   The team broke, went to their workstations, and begun work.