Part 4

   The next day the Guard worked on analyzing and researching the activities of Nazi groups in France as well as investigating a few of the known attacks within Paris.
   It all started in the morning with Kid Victory and Red Sprite meeting an Interpol agent. This contact was arranged by one of their allies. At the meeting the pair were interested in any details that fell through the crack. Once back at the base they split the team in two with Kid Victory, Araminta, April and Arturo staying behind to work on the research aspects. Arturo was actually continuing his language development while the others dialed into the Intelligence Hub. The three combed through all the details of the Teiwaz attacks and comparing them to any similar Teiwaz crimes in other countries.
   While the three did that, the other half of the team did more hands on work. Locating business and homes associated with Teiwaz sympathizers and making proper notes of the locations and surrounding areas. The group also stopped in on a few suspected crime scenes that were hit the terrorist organization. After several hours the group returned to base with more supplies and started discussing all the information.
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