Part 4

by CM Towns

   The next day the Guard worked on analyzing and researching the activities of Nazi groups in France as well as investigating a few of the known attacks within Paris.
   It all started in the morning with Kid Victory and Red Sprite meeting an Interpol agent. This contact was arranged by one of their allies. At the meeting the pair were interested in any details that fell through the crack. Once back at the base they split the team in two with Kid Victory, Araminta, April and Arturo staying behind to work on the research aspects. Arturo was actually continuing his language development while the others dialed into the Intelligence Hub. The three combed through all the details of the Teiwaz attacks and comparing them to any similar Teiwaz crimes in other countries.
   While the three did that, the other half of the team did more hands on work. Locating business and homes associated with Teiwaz sympathizers and making proper notes of the locations and surrounding areas. The group also stopped in on a few suspected crime scenes that were hit the terrorist organization. After several hours the group returned to base with more supplies and started discussing all the information.

   “There are two major groups that the Teiwaz must be recruiting from here in France,” Sally said showing off photos of buildings as herself, Antoine and Frank were gathered around the kitchen table.
   “So we need to get eyes on both places. That’s going to be tough,” Antoine replied looking over the photos.
   “Not necessarily. An organization like the Teiwaz, spread across so many countries need these people. Watching any single one of them will work,” Sally stated.
   “News was rolling in from both MI5 and Sweden’s MUST about Teiwaz agents. Mostly low ranked that were picked up,” Antoine told her.
   “They would relocate mid level assets somewhere else the country while taking their top agents out entirely. So that way they can continue to operate on some level in these countries. We know we’re on a timeline but I believe its safe to assume the Teiwaz is not dismantling the main operations right now,” Sally said.
   “Agreed. We need to grab mid and top level agents for information since the low level agents know next to nothing. Still-we need them to at least point us in the right direction. Work our way up the ladder,” said Antoine.
The three walked into the main room to look at a map of Paris tacked on the wall. They were looking it over while Araminta and April were on work stations. Erica was yawning as she had her eyes on her tablet. She watching news feeds in France as well as recorded feeds from Germany, UK, Poland and Sweden. Her tablet translating information and subtitling the videos. Arturo was going through his tablet looking at various stills recorded from security cameras.
   “What do you think Frank?” Antoine said.
   “I think Paris is too big,” he replied.
   “Does make it hard to work outward,” Antoine responded.
   “Also we need many, many, many screens like in the movies. Or the Hub needs many, many screens and dozens of workers to help feed us intel,” added Frank.
   “We need a lot of things we don’t have but please continue,” Antoine said.
   “GR44 was able to match up a couple similarities as you already know. Pharmaceuticals, prototype hardware and software for computers and engines, all types of labs. But its not in any order. These are just attacks based Paris but there are more outside. Probably running multiple missions at once. They find a target, study it for a while, then hit it,” Frank explained.
   “Information on what was stolen range from cold medicine and image processors to classified and redacted files. So yeah, not much help there unless we hack into a number of places like Government facilities and major corporations,” Araminta contributed.
   “Going through commercial airlines with GR44 and its very boring. Very, very boring. However I know what celebrities are on vacation right now in Paris,” said April.
   “Where’s Hunter?” asked Sally.
   “On the phone with family. Personal business,” April said.
   “Anything interesting, Arturo?” Sally asked in Spanish.
   “These people all look like they should be slapped,” he answered.
   “That is it?”
   “That is it.”
   “Sorry folks. What can I help with?” Hunter asked walking out the room.
   “You can take over for me. My eyes hurt,” Erica stated.
   “Sure, hand it over,” Hunter said asking for the tablet.
   “No need for that. Not right now at least. We’ll take a break and then from there start up again-except maybe switch a few stations and send some people out for a little local leg work,” Antoine suggested.
   “Thank god,” Erica said.
   “Definitely sounds good, I am tired of looking at a screen all day and I spend 75% of my waking time on tumblr,” Araminta said.
   “Whats on your tumblr?” April asked.
   “Lots of cute things, and clothes, and gifs of all the shows and movies I love,” she responded.
   “So its like half of everything on tumblr?” Hunter said.
   “You have a tumblr?” April inquired.
   “Yes. For porn,” Hunter said. They all looked at him. He added, “Oh, please, you know that’s like, 80% of the internet.”
   “He’s not wrong,” Frank stated and Hunter pointed to him.
   “Ignoring the ewwww factor, maybe some of us can hang around Paris?” April asked.
   “That’s a great idea!” Araminta said.
   “I third this notion that has been put forth,” said Frank.
   “Go ahead. We can pick this up tomorrow. Take Sally though, someone needs to know the language,” Antoine suggested.
   Sally shot Antoine a look and he said to her, “Don’t give me that. Go out with them.”
   “What about you?” Frank asked.
   “I’ll stick around and do some more work. Maybe catch up on some sleep,” Antoine said.
   Sally asked Arturo if he wanted to come and he opted to stay behind. Antoine pulled up a chair by a computer and looked over to Arturo who continued doing his own work.
   “Ready for the overtime?” Antoine asked.
   “Its not overtime unless I get paid more,” Arturo answered.
   “You’re English is coming in very well and very fast.”
   “Sally’s a good teacher. Now lead by example and get on the computer. Crack this case superhero.”
   “Now I wish your English was limited.”