Part 5

by CM Towns

   Black boots stomped down the cold steel hallway of the secret facility. A Greek beauty in a black outfit that combined leather and lightweight armor. Her hair short, brown eyes intimidating, and thin lips stuck in an unimpressed manner. The men and women stopped in their tracks, saluted and rushed off in other directions. As she turned a corner she saw a familiar face, finishing up talks with a scientist. He turned and smiled at her.
   “Master Doctor,” she said.
   “Europa. Kill anyone lately? I’m joking. Of course you have,” he responded.

   “I’m surprised the Inner Circle lets you live.”
   “Well, maybe if they had hired better scientists they’d have done away with me. How you like that light blade? You know I fixed the battery on that,” he commented on her weapon.
   “It is a nice device based on geek nonsense. Doesn’t change that the US operation screwed us over,” Europa said.
   “It was bound to happen sooner or later.”
   “Not if you kept your projects in line. One of which gave us a new enemy,” Europa said.
   “Mr. Monster. I think of any of my projects it shows I’m closer than anyone to engineering superhumans,” Master Doctor said in praise of himself.
   “Turning blacks and browns into soldiers is not what you should be working on.”
   “Turning blacks and browns into weapons of the cause. Get your facts straight.”
   “Why are you even here?” asked Europa.
   “Reviewing the upgrades to the booster shots. Once again the same walls getting hit. Too much and the user becomes unbalanced or their muscles start to split. Plus looking over some upcoming plans,” Master Doctor responded.
   “You claim to be closer to creating superhumans, yet can’t work to improve the booster shots,” said Europa.
   “I didn’t say I couldn’t. I made some formula adjustments. Small, but when it works we will be taking a step in the right direction. Don’t worry Europa-your soldiers will be better equipped to fight the Democracy and heathens. Thanks to me of course,” smiled Master Doctor before checking his watch and adding, “I have more to do, have a wonderful day.”
   Master-Doctor walked passed her and Europa imagined putting two bullets into his head. Europa turned her attention back toward her meeting. After a couple minutes of navigating the secret Teiwaz base Europa arrived at the office she was looking for. Inside she took a seat across from one of her bosses. A man in his sixties, gray hair, wrinkled and one of the building blocks of the movement. One of the Inner Circle.
   “Things are afoul in France under that fool Johan. Since the varied federal agencies have started piecing together our movements we expected him to move more cautiously but the opposite has happened. He seems thrilled in making it clear the Teiwaz is spreading their influence in France,” the man said.
   “Why is he still allowed within the Circle?” Europa questioned.
   “His family was influential in creating our beloved Teiwaz. Too bad his father failed in raising him,” the man replied.
   “So what is to be done?”
   “I have appointed you to help assist with the work in France. It is important work. Gathering of tools and soldiers for the cause,” he answered.
   “That is it?”
   “I know what you are getting at my dear, but as much as I’d like to see it happen you can not attempt as much.”
   “If you’d allow me a question-I understand our operations through out multiple countries have been to acquire tools and recruits but it seems there is more. Is that increase work just terrorist attacks or is their a greater purpose?” questioned Europa.
   “Testing the various weapons. Not just recruiting but to see how certain operatives work in the field. Understanding the response time and operational aspects of our enemies. We have big plans for the future and France, like the others, is being used as a training ground. You will be sharing duties alongside Grip,” he told her.
   “Grip is a good man.”
   “Indeed. But he is working under Johan, who has sought a more hands on approach to the operations being run. Which drove us out of Sweden sooner than we had hoped.”
   “How long until the Guard arrive?” asked Europa.
   The man answered, “As far as we know they are already in France. It is also possible they are not but with a small group responding to situations in New York I do believe they are in France and keeping a low profile,” he replied.
   “The Brothers are in work in France right?” Europa inquired.
   “Yes, causing problems of their own. Also up there is the mute,” he added.
   Europa nodded. “That gives some power in case we run into superhuman conflict. Is Makt still contained to his base of operations?”
   “The Norwegian hero continues to stay around his home of Norway but has helped in Sweden and I’m sure will move to France in a matter of time. Containing our work to the shadows is extremely important,” the man answered.
   Europa nodded and stood up, extending her hand and said, “Thank you for this opportunity. I will see it done.”
   He shook Europas hand and said, “A private flight leaves in two hours time. There is a layover to deal with another issue.”
   “I shall be ready to go sooner than two hours. I wish to get to the work quickly,” she said before leaving.
   “Do be careful dear. You are one of my favorites,” he said before she got to the door.
   Europa, turned, smiled slightly and nodded. “You honor me,” she replied before leaving.