Part 11

by CM Towns

   2 Rue Ambroise Paré, right outside the Hôpital Lariboisière the Guard was dealing with masked men and a couple in mini-mech powersuits. Bravado stood toe to toe with one terrorist, dodging strikes and laying in punches he picked up form watching boxing highlights. Each hitting with the grandest impact. Brown Widow mixed it up with a pair of men, but instead of using attacks she used her agility and quickness to keep them off foot. Purely focused on defensive techniques and counters with a mix of her webbing. When dealing with a pair of the power suited men Water used a wave of water on them for SubHuman to light them up with a blast of voltage. Overcharging their gear and frying the circuits.
The last two swiftly dealt with by Red Sprite without use of her fire. Red Sprite made mental notes of her teammates tactics and progress. When all was said and done she told them team they would need to retreat and wait for the others. The group escaped into the sewer system and made their way to the meeting place.
   Inside the hospital Kid Victory walked the halls, looking for the other men involved in the attack. One shouted behind him, and Kid Victory could hear the gun drawn. Kid Victory had his visor programmed so that the ellipsoid earpads would translate French. The armed man had told him to stop as well as spouting racial epitaphs.
   With his mic connected to the pads his English would translate into French through blue tooth on the speaker had hooked on his right arm.
   “You should look above you,” Kid Victory replied. The man did just that and El Hijo De La Bestia dropped on him from the ceiling and then tossed him through the window.
   Kid Victory walked over to the window to look out and then turned to El Hijo.
   “Sorry,” El Hijo said.
   “It’s okay,” Kid Victory said looking back at the man laid out on top of a car, sure to have broken bones.

   “Come in,” Kid Victory said into his headset.
   “It’s GR44, the others have left the scene. It’s just you three,” he informed Kid Victory.
   “Tell Araminta to meet me at these coordinates.”
   “Shouldn’t you meet up at the spot?”
   “It’ll be fine,” Kid Victory said and then spoke to El Hijo, “We’ll be leaving soon.”
   “That’s it? It seemed rather easy,” he replied.
   “It did seem easy.”
   “That’s not good I take it?”
   Before Kid Victory could answer Araminta dropped out of one of her witches circle portals.
   “That was quick,er than expected” said Victory.
   “I’m improving in speed of travel,” said Araminta.
   “Any troubles?” Kid Victory asked.
   “I found out they were here to kill a man, elderly. But he was just a lawyer-worked cases against some of their friendlies. Too many people for a hit like this,” Araminta said.
   “Any resistance?”
   “Two. Nothing I couldn’t handle,” answered Araminta.
   Kid Victory nodded, then using his specialized phone shut down his electronics. Signaled El Hijo to do the same as they prepared to jump into one of Araminta’s portal to exit the location.
   Once they met up with the rest of the team they worked their way back to the base. Upon arrival and after freshening up they discussed what had happened.
   “Their trying to keep us busy,” Antoine suggested.
   “Why?” April said.
   “To throw us off their trail,” he answered.
   “Three terrorist attacks in two days. These targets questionable with a force made of men who have not been long Teiwaz recruits. Looks like friendlies just hired,” Sally said still in costume.
   “So what do we do?” Frank questioned.
   “We keep showing up on the scene and hope one of those guys drops the goods?” Bravado suggested.
   “Please no,” Erica objected.
   “We still have not checked out that bar. Could be used as a meeting spot,” Sally said.
   “Yeah. We need someone on that but what do we do about the attacks?” Antoine asked.
   “Split the team up?” Araminta said though she regretted that idea.
   “The team is only eight strong and Red Sprite is our big power player,” Antoine said rejecting the idea.
   “If we split six and two it is possible,” Sally pointed out.
   “True. You would be in charge of the large team, I’ll take surveillance,” Antoine then thought but shook his head, “No I should share,” Antoine then said and turned to one his teammates and pointed, “April.
   “What?” she responded.
   “You have done a lot of surveillance in your short time so you probably have a keen eye. I’ll pair you up with Hunter,” Antoine said.
   “Why me? I want to beat up bad guys. Send Punk Rocker here,” Hunter tried to pass of the gig to Frank.
   “I got no problem with that,” Frank agreed.
   “We’re all going to trade back and forth with one member of the team having experience in this field, the other as back up,” Antoine said.
   “What if we two run into trouble? I mean Hunter can fight but we don’t have projectile attacks outside my webs,” mentioned April.
   “Antoine will equip Hunter with his spare blaster. The stun gun will be just as effective. That and Hunter has the weapon Tesla made,” Sally replied.
   “That portable staff? Not much of a weapon,” Hunter stated.
   “This will be for the night. Myself and Araminta after that until last call. April and Erica from afternoon till night. I want Sally off to lead any strike missions that are necessary. Unless we get information quicker,” Antoine said tossing the keys to Hunter.
   “Alright boss, we’re on it. Lets get going dude,” Hunter said to April and then shook his head and said, “Girl. Lets get going girl.”
   “All of you get some rest,” Sally told them.
   “I’m going to take a shower and then walk around,” Erica announced to anyone who would listen.
   Frank and Araminta took a seat at the round table in the kitchen with the two.
   “So what else can we do?” Frank asked.
“Sally will check with the Hub and see if anything has come up. I’ll reach out to our Interpol contact, update him with what we believe is happening,” Antoine told them.
   “What about us?” Araminta said.
   “Don’t feel like resting?” Antoine asked.
   “Not really. Not with these assholes running around causing trouble just to throw us off their trail,” Frank added.
   “You might want to get some rest for tonight,” Sally suggested to Araminta.
   “As for you Frank-” Antoine got up and got a piece of paper, handing it to him and said, “Go to this address. Tell them you’re a journalist major in Europe working on a report about the Teiwaz. This place is a French alternative news site. Maybe we can get something different from them.”
   “On it!” Frank said taking the paper and heading to his bag to change clothes.
   “Why not get the others?” Araminta questioned.
   Antoine smirked, he knew they finished their case but did not want to bring the whole team in.
   “Might need some people in the States to keep an eye on our home. Never know what bad guys will pop up next,” answered Antoine. He yawned and grabbed a file.
   “This case is bothering you?” Sally asked.
   “Every case bothers me. This one just has the added displeasure of Teiwaz. I’m going to contact our friend, then I’m going to get some sleep,” he told her.
   Sally nodded and watched him walk away. She checked her phone before getting to her own part of the investigation.
Araminta looked around and said, “Guess I’ll hang out with Erica.”