Part 13

by CM Towns

   First the matchbook, then the surveillance on the bar, next tracking and intel gathering. From there the team moved on suspects with possible ties to the Teiwaz. Bravado and Araminta were on a roof over looking the target location. Bravado with binoculars keeping eyes on the apartment while Araminta watched his back. Bravado focused in on Brown Widow and Kid Victory creeping down the side of the apartment building. His sight went down to the street, looking for the van which had SubHuman and Water.
   The plan would be for Kid Victory and Brown Widow to surprise, possibly grab someone. Whoever escaped would be met by their teammates. Bravado and Araminta would play back up if things got out of hand.
   “What’s taking so long?” Bravado asked.
   “Let me check,” Araminta said before speaking into the com on her hood, “Professor?”
   “I’m here.”

   “Something happening inside the apartments?”
   “The recording device planted is giving some information on possible small targets. Kid Victory’s hoping they slip news about a target of worth,” Professor explained.
   “Okay, thanks,” Araminta said. She turned toward Bravado and asked, “You heard that?”
   “Yep. I hope this doesn’t take too long. If I’m not going to get some fighting in I’d like to get back to base as soon as possible,” commented Bravado.
   Araminta responded, “I always prefer being back at base.”
   Araminta turned her head at a noise and put up a shield at the last second to block a sword swipe.
   Bravado turned around, popped up in a defense position while Araminta took out her own blade.
   “It’s Bravado, we got made!” he shouted into the com hooked into his right gloves wrist.
   The two stared down a woman in a dark green outfit, covering most of her body that came up the neck right over the bottom half of her face. Black boots, black fingerless gloves with a sword in hand. The woman appeared to be Caucasian with brunette hair and that was all they could make out.
   Araminta raised her sword and said, “I got this. I got this.”
   “You sure?” Bravado asked.
   “If I don’t you can have this,” she answered.
   “Alright. You got first crack, beat this bitch up,” Bravado said.


   Kid Victory threw a flash grenade through the window. Once it went off himself and Brown Widow swung in and moved to incapacitate the men inside the apartment. Kid Victory nailed one individual with a kick to the head as they were blinded. One of the other men went for their gun but had troubles from the flash. Kid Victory nailed this man in the side of the head with forearm, then slammed him into the ground face first. Kid Victory got tackled right into the wall, breaking through to the bedroom on the other side.
   Brown Widow dodged a few attacks from the individual she was dealing with. Her attacker lunged and Widow used her superhuman agility to hop over him with the splits. He landed on all fours before she came down on his back with both knees. Another man connected with his kick to her chest. Brown Widow tried recovering but missed her web attack. The man gripped her, tossed her over into the TV. He threw himself toward her and Brown Widow caught him in the gut with her feet, pushed him off into one of the recovering suspects.
   Inside the bedroom Kid Victory deflected and parried knife strikes, noting the mans strength and reaction to the few jabs he did land.
   “You’re going to die nig-” he was interrupted with a stiff punch to the mouth which knocked out some teeth. Kid Victory connected with an uppercut to the jaw and followed with a hard kidney shot. The man will not only need dental work but he will be pissing blood.
   The man tried to shake the damage, his swing was caught and the arm was now in a hammerlock. Kid Victory wrestled the knife away before a martial arts sweep dropped him on to his tied up arm which now will probably be fractures in at least two places.
   Kid Victory moved back into the living room. One man stumbling around with web in his face, Kid Victory tripped him.
   Brown Widow, “Going forward, can I just stick to surveillance and defense? Also-what’s up with that guys strength Glad he was your fight.”
   “Booster shot. Now lets wrap these guys up,” Kid Victory told her.
   “What about the others?” Brown Widow asked as Victory started toward the exit.
   “They’ll be fine,” he told her.


   Down on the streets SubHuman and Water had their own issues. When Kid Victory and Brown Widow announced they were going to move in SubHuman and Water popped out the van and headed around the corner. When they encountered a small unit of Teiwaz soldiers coming out of a black truck. They were suited up and had large weapons. SubHuman knew that the outfits of the soldiers would be designed to protect from his powers. SubHuman decided on a tactic right there-he super charged their vehicle and the men scattered as it exploded. One man caught a bigger brunt of the force and so the landed knocked him out.
   “SWEEP THEM!” SubHuman shouted at Water who was forcing herself to face the situation. She looked around, saw a hydrant, blew the lid by building the pressure inside. Water swung the thick stream around, knocking down the three other Teiwaz who were trying to recover. SubHuman charged forward on one soldier trying to get back up, he slipped but still caught the enemy with a stiff kick to the jaw.
   One other was getting her guns ready but the whip of H2O from Water caught her upside the side of the head. SubHuman smirked about Waters aim.
   “Put the fire out, will ya?” SubHuman asked.
   Water sighed annoyed and nodded her head. She put the fire out easy and said, “There.”
   “What’s wrong with you? We won and you kicked ass. Pat yourself on the back,” SubHuman said.
   “No thanks. I just want to get away from these assholes. Got all kinds of triggers going on up here,” responded Water.
   “Why didn’t you bring that up in the meeting to split the teams?” SubHuman asked.
   “I don’t know. Didn’t want to run into Harkins. Maybe I kind of wanted to hit a Teiwaz soldier or two. Really, I just wanted to see Paris,” she replied.


   Back on the roof Araminta tried to match swordplay with the masked woman only to be bested at each step. The Teiwaz woman was gifted with a sword. The brief exchange always ended with Araminta being knocked down to the ground and then having to use a shield to block a thrust. Bravado stayed close, watching the action waiting to jump in for Araminta.
   “I think it’s my turn,” he finally stated.
   “Okay. You think you can take her without a weapon?” asked Araminta.
   “I have a weapon. But I imagine sweet cakes here has a spare sword to lend me. Unless she’s afraid I’d outshine her,” Bravado taunted.
   Their enemy pulled another blade and tossed it at Bravado. Bravado caught the sword by the handle, set it up in the same stance as her before he began circling. Bravado did a tiny thrust in the enemies direction and smiled. He played with his foot work before daring an attack from the Teiwaz soldier who complied. Bravado blocked each swipe and thrust easily. The enemy backed off, considered tactics, and struck forward. Bravado guessed the form and easily countered then landed a back fist followed by a kick to the stomach. The enemy backed up and blocked a series of incoming strikes, ones she noted similar to her own technique. The twos swords collided, Bravado pushed her off showing his superior strength but quickly the Teiwaz assassin nipped up to her feet.
   Bravado swung the sword around so he had the sword upside down, beside his arm outstretched, his left hand balled into a fist by his face. It was her secondary stance. The one she used when showing off. That’s when the Teiwaz assassin knew, he was a copycat. The assassin tossed the sword and put up both fists.
   “Hand to hand? Okay doll, let’s do this,” Bravado said. Before he knew what was happening he got a strike to the throat followed by a pair of jabs to the chest, and a pump kick to the jaw. Bravado hit the ground and when he got up and saw the smoke bomb hit. The enemy had retreated but not before displaying her superior fighting skill.
   “I think we got our asses kicked,” Araminta said.
   “In case anyone on the team asks, we beat up six guys but they all made a grand escape,” Bravado replied.