Part 16

by CM Towns

   “So they did not follow through on the false lead nor did they attempt to stop our attack on the Metro,” Europa stated. She was joined by Grip, Knockdown and Johan. The four were in the underground facility, seated at a steel table inside an office in one of the communication rooms. The room had a glass door and on the other side Teiwaz agents buzzed around, worked at terminals, making calls, and every other thing an organization does to keep running its massive operations.
   “So the false lead plan isn’t working?” Johan said amused.
   “It’s possible they helped to stop the Metro attack. Certain circumstances surrounding the situation seem suspect. The power outage-possibly overloaded which could be attributed to SubHuman. Water pressure blowing the sprinkler system. Possibly the girl. They could have played support for the French authorities to take care of the situation,” Grip stated.
   “They must have concluded we’re attempting to distract them,” Europa said.

   “Now they are rethinking their approach,” Grip said.
   “Does it really matter? In 48 hours this portion of the operation is getting shut down. Half the agents moved out, the rest going underground. Teiwaz wins and I get to flaunt my accomplishments to the rest of the Inner Circle,” Johan said.
   “We still need to be on alert-the Guard must be working on other leads we do not know of,” Grip said.
   “You over estimate them,” Knockdown said.
   “You’re an idiot Knockdown. These are not people to laugh at-these are dangerous individuals,” Europa shot at him.
   “If I see any of them again-“
“You’d probably get your ass kicked like your brother did,” Europa interrupted.
   “Hey! You listen here bitch-!”
   “Well this is becoming annoying. I’m going back to my office,” Johan said before standing up and heading toward the door.
   “Like I was saying,” Knockdown started up again before Grip reached over to put his hand onto his shoulder to stop him. Knockdown turned to face Grip, the look on his face made Knockdown swallow his coming insults.
   “Go check on the security, tell them to double up,” Grip directed.
   “Johan needs to take this situation more seriously. The Guard is still a threat until we accomplish our final target,” Europa stated.
   “He is a fool. Proof nepotism is a flaw. If I had my way I’d cut it out.”
   Europa nodded in agreement. She then said, “How are we for tomorrow’s op?”
   “We look good. Everything should go off without problems as long as the Guard are still unaware of our target. The details are known to us two, Johan and a select few. However that does not rule out them crashing. If so we must be ready to make a full retreat with the device we hope to secure,” he said.
   “Grip, I would like you to stay behind,” Europa said.
   “Would it not be better for me to come along with you and Mute just in case the Guard do show?” questioned Grip.
   “I imagine if the Guard does get any leads it will be toward this headquarters. There is too much at risk here. Finding this base, imprisoning and interrogating our men will cause a bigger blow to Teiwaz than what they did in Chicago,” Europa replied.
   Grip gave her a worried look. He understood Europas point but preferred the idea of standing by her side in the operation rather than stick behind while Johan stroked his ego for doing a job when it was Europa, himself and many others that did the heavy lifting. Grip finally nodded to her and Europa smiled.
   A rare smile from such beauty. One of the toughest soldiers the cause has produced, Grip thought.
   “Thank you Grip, for stepping aside to let me do this job. I know it must frustrate you to have someone coming in and taking your position,” she said.
   “It does not bother me. Means you have to deal with Johan more than I. Besides, you are one of the most trusted and valued members of this organization for many reasons. More competent than many assholes they could have sent down here to command,” Grip told her.
   Europa looked down at the table and then said, “I appreciate your kindness. Its hard sometimes. Dealing with other soldiers who feel their masculinity puts them above more qualified women. They fight and bitch and try to test.”
   “I have no such issues. As does our superiors who look to you to help lead us to the promise land.”
   “Yes. There is much faith in me, like there is much faith in you as well.”
   “We will succeed and then watch that slime Johan take undue credit for our work,” he joked.
   “Sooner or later Johan will fall victim to his own hubris. The Inner Circle know, the others-lower ranked-may not but the Circle knows. When we acquire the device, push the limits of technology forward our New World Order will emerge and people like you and I will hold his position,” Europa stated proudly.
   “I do not want to come off as fresh-but there is time before we must rest before our jobs. I wish to take you out for dinner,” Grip said.
   Europa was a little surprised and she was about to say no but instead nodded.
   She added, “Yes…. I accept your invitation. We do not know how much time we have left to work together before our new orders come down.”
   Grip smiled and said, “We’ll meet by the gate in an hour.”
Europa nodded holding back a smile. She stood up, excused herself and left to her chambers. Grip remained, seated there with the feeling of satisfaction growing inside.