Part 17

by CM Towns

   Atop of the Moulin Rouge Kid Victory, Red Sprite, SubHuman, and Araminta stood waiting. The others were nearby in case a fight broke out with Izam Mizer. Araminta and SubHuman were talking about places to visit in Paris while Kid Victory and Red Sprite waited in silence.
   Kid Victory looked over to Red Sprite, looked away and then back. he opened his mouth before shutting it. He wanted to discuss the AHM with Sprite but did not want to come off as suspicious of Jessie and Sally’s activities.
   What activities? he thought. Jessie and Sally have been forthright with me.
   Kid Victory said, “Sylia Stingray.”
   “Jessie’s false identity,” Sprite replied.
   “Its not a real false identity. She’s a part of the AHM in an official capacity.”
   “Unofficial but yes, Sylia works for the agency. She even gets a paycheck off the books because of her deep cover status,” Red Sprite responded.
   “You see how that is not a false identity?”
   “The identity is fake, the position is real. Like a spy.”

   Kid Victory opened his mouth to respond and then stopped. He then said, “A little clarity next time would help.”
   “Our fake ID’s are all legends. They are identities real on paper. It’s the person behind the identity whose not real,” Red Sprite continued.
   “You have one? With the AHM?”
   “No. I have one with the CIA. Also off the books.”
   “You didn’t tell me that.”
   Red Sprite replied, “Is it important? I have only had the clearance since the start of our conflicts with the Teiwaz. Jessie’s has been just a little longer and rarely used. I have not utilized the ID fully because unlike Jessie I can not pass as a twenty-something government agent. Plus the details I have gotten from the agency has been updated into the files. You have noticed my tracking of Teiwaz or cult activities, have you not?”
   Kid Victory nodded his head and said, “You’re right, you have. I just want to be more clear on all the details of my teammates affairs. Especially two who have such deep government connections.”
   “I will attempt to be more detailed in the future,” Red Sprite said.
   Kid Victory walked over to the ledge and felt irked. He did not think Red Sprite was keeping secrets but felt bothered by the lack of information she could give at times, especially because Sally was very detail orientated.
   “So where is the Mistress? It’s passed the deadline,” SubHuman said.
   “Hopefully she does not show. The less time I spend around her the better,” Araminta said.
   “That hurts me,” said a voice walking from the shadows into the dim light. Izam Mizer emerged in a black dress, brown coat and fancy bag. High heels and hoop ear rings. She looked like there was a fancy party that needed attending.
   “I thought we had such a connection Araminta,” Mizer said to Araminta.
   Araminta backed up and SubHuman charged his hands.
   “Stay calm,” Kid Victory said.
   “Are you calm, little red witch?” Mizer questioned Red Sprite.
   “You will know when I am not,” Sprite fired back.
   Mizer made a kiss motion before laughing and saying, “I know you have the others on the roof nearby. Do not see why, as your force could not possibly go against me. Luckily for all of you, I am not here to fight. I am here to honor my proposal.”
   “You have the information?” Kid Victory asked.
   Mizer went into her bag and pulled out a small notepad. “This here has names of important people in the US government and agencies, suspected Teiwaz agents. Some may in fact not be agents but rather rumors to divert attention from the the real threats but I promise-some of those names came from from the lips of high ranked Teiwaz. I also included, because I am so generous, a small list of other known Teiwaz agents working in various agencies around the world. Plus the base in France where your enemies are hiding,” Mizer said.
   Red Sprite walked forward and pointed to Araminta who then opened one of her portals and pulled the book. Red Sprite took it and walked toward Mizer with it. The two exchanged at the same time. Sprite backed away as Mizer smiled at the book.
   “We done here?” Kid Victory asked taking the pad from Red Sprite.
   “Not quite. Things have changed. A certain scientist is presenting a very important discovery. One that will alter the scope of human life,” Mizer said.
   “What discovery?” Kid Victory added.
   “Someone has successfully reverse engineered one of the outlanders warp drives,” Mizer answered.
   “Making deep space travel possible. This discovery could lead to the terraforming of other planets,” Red Sprite stated.
   “Also used as a potential weapon,” Mizer pointed out.
   “This is not taking place in Paris. Not with the Teiwaz attacks,” SubHuman stated.
   “Lille University of Science and Technology. It’s tomorrow,” Mizer said with a laugh.
   “You bitch! That’s why you set this timeline,” SubHuman said and Mizer shrugged.
   “We done here?” Red Sprite asked.
   “Yes. Good luck in your little battle,” said Mizer before turning and walking away.
   “I hope this is worth it,” SubHuman said.
   “So where is the Teiwaz base?” asked Araminta.
   “Outside Caen, in Lower Normandy. A factory of some sort. Directions are in here,” Kid Victory said flipping through the book. He looked through the names, one or two he recognized but one suspicion made him almost choke.
   “Something wrong?” Red Sprite asked.
   “A lots wrong,” Kid Victory said before getting on the com and telling Professor to look up any information on a science conference in Lille and from there instructed Araminta to grab the others.
   Once together Professor patched in to every com and let them know, “There is a conference at the University but details are sketchy. Mizer could be lying or telling the truth.”
   “She’s telling the truth,” Red Sprite said.
   “How do you know?” inquired Water.
   “Mizer only lies to the people who work for her. To her enemies, she is truthful,” Sprite clarified.
   “That-totally makes a her a bigger bitch,” Water added.
   “I looked up this factory and there is one outside Caen that had been closed for a few years but was bought out a year and a half ago. Six months later work seemed to have tripled according to chatter,” Professor said.
   “You just found out about this? And how do you know about the chatter?” asked Bravado.
   “I have GR44 doing some scanning and translating local papers and news. Caen has had an economic boom of late. Can I continue?” asked Professor.
   “Please do,” Kid Victory said.
   “I’m working on getting schematics but I would guess that will not help for the Caen base but may help for the University. I believe they would do the presentation at the library. This presentation has been moved from its original location last minute and their auditorium is under construction,” Professor explained.
   “Okay. We need a plan and we need it now,” Kid Victory said.
   “So we’re splitting up. Four and four?” SubHuman asked.
   “Not with slamming into a possible Teiwaz base,” Brown Widow contributed.
   Arturo said, “Splitting the team sounds risky.”
   “It is,” Araminta told him.
   “Suggestions, Red Sprite?” Kid Victory asked.
   “Slam through their base with five, take three to Lille. The factory will need a heavy hitting crew. I should take it,” Red Sprite said.
   “You are right. SubHuman and Water. That’s two with projectiles. Bravado and El Hijo. El Hijo is flying ability could come in handy and Bravado-” Kid Victory stopped. Bravado smiled at his name.
   “He has enthusiasm,” Kid Victory finished.
   “That’s it? C’mon man,” Bravado said deflated.
   “Bravado is a good enough fighter for any enemy without booster shots. As long as he is quick and knows how to pick his fights he should come in handy,” Kid Victory said.
   “That’s better,” Bravado commented.
   “So me and Araminta in Lille? That’s not much heavy hitting,” Brown Widow said.
   “You’re thinking of speed and stealth. No expectations of a large opposition,” spoke Red Sprite.
   “Exactly. Myself and Araminta can definitely take on whatever force they have. Widows agility and speed will round us out,” Kid Victory said.
   “One suggestion-swap Widow for SubHuman. SubHuman will do more damage at Lille than Caen. Once we break through the factory their men will gear up with protective wear. Lille he’ll definitely hit them harder as they would be less ready for our assault. Also I would like at least one projectile capable person on your team,” offered Red Sprite.
   “Whose going to be your second then?” asked Kid Victory.
   “I’ll work out the particulars with information Professor can provide. How quickly can we get that?” Red Sprite said.
   “Under an hour,” Professor replied.
   “Okay team, its a long night ahead of us and we ain’t got time to waste. We hit base, gather some supplies and head out,” Kid Victory said.
   “This sucks,” Water said.
   “I’m inclined to agree,” Brown Widow stated.
   “That’s how it is, but don’t worry, we’ll make it out okay,” SubHuman said to Brown Widow with a smile.
   “Come now, much to do,” Red Sprite said and pointed to Araminta who made a portal so the team could make their exit and preparations.