Part 18

by CM Towns

   The white mack truck slammed through the front gate like a bat out of hell. Why a secret villain headquarters would not be so heavily fenced made no sense to Bravado who was driving the truck. Red Sprite explained that heavier security would bring about too much attention from the city and authorities who were aware of possible Teiwaz activity. That the security would be tighter once you got through the front.
   The reasons were not important at that moment. What was important was maneuvering the truck through the factory toward the middle of the facility. When Bravado felt he had made it, he hit the braeks and ducked under the seat as bullets went off. The door of the container rolled up and Red Sprite displayed a wave of fire to force everyone back. She hopped out of the vehicle and fired fireball after fireball in all manner of directions. No targets, just forcing security into a confused and scared state.

   Bravado had joined her and said, “Maybe we should have checked the place out.”
   El Hijo De La Bestia landed on the ground beside them. Couple of minutes earlier he landed atop the main building to execute one part of his job. El Hijo implanted a little parasite into their wiring based on Professor’s instructions (she used a translator device to speak in Spanish to avoid any confusion in the directions).
   El Hijio told the two, “It will be moments before the Hub is in.”
   “Great. So do we just keep scaring their security?” Bravado asked.
   “No, we find a way into their secret lair,” Sprite said.
   “We sure they have one?” Bravado followed up.
   “They like underground facilities,” Sprite replied.
   El Hijo was feeling out the area, had a small tinge and he moved a few yards with Sprite and Bravado behind him. Red Sprite asked where he was going and El Hijo told her a little closer. They made a turn, Bravado tossed back some small explosives on four second delay (Kid Victory’s. Press button once for impact, twice for 4 five seconds) and Red Sprite fired of blue fireballs in another direction.
   “Here. I feel-strong,” El Hijo said. He hoped up, very small jump but his collision was loud. Putting a crack into the ground. He jumped again and the crack spread.
   El Hijo then said, “Rhino.” He slammed his fists hard into the concrete and pulled a chunk out.
   “What the hell?” asked Bravado.
   “Their keeping a lab of animals in one of the labs close to the top,” El Hijo answered.
   “That is not proper Nazi behavior. Nazi’s traditionally have a strong record about animal protection and welfare,” Red Sprite commented.
   “Really?” Bravado was a little surprised by the trivia as El Hijo dug.
   “They were suppose to though not all kept to it. Good work, Bestia,” Red Sprite said before adding, “Stay up here and keep them confused. Assisting Widow and Water. The Teiwaz will be piling out soon enough to increase their defense.”
   “Yes!” he replied with a mock salute.
   “Sweet, lets go kick some ass like its 1945!” Bravado announced jumping into the hole El Hijo made. Red Sprite followed quickly behind and El Hijo cracked his knuckles, ready to fight.


   Brown Widow connected with a dropkick to the back of a Teiwaz soldier. The enemy was following three others, all emerging from a hatch that lead to the facility below. Widow connected with her webs onto the thigh of the next one out, pulling back and dropping them hard face first into the concrete. Water used a few water spheres to catch the others in the face, chest and gut. The air getting knocked out of them and guaranteed welts on their body.
   “So do we go down?” Water asked before mentioning, “I really don’t want to. Bad memories.”
   Water was imprisoned by the Teiwaz before in an underground base in Chicago. Details were sketchy with all the re-education they poured into her but she got brief flashes.
   “Professor says the building, the largest building, is our target,” Widow said after consulting her comlink.
   “So we find the door.”
   “Or I can crawl us up there,” Widow suggested.
   “I-no. I’d rather we use a door.”
   “Is this really the time to be a transphobe?” questioned Brown Widow.
   Before Water could respond she saw a small flying device, a tiny UFO of sorts flying their way. It started firing laser beams until El Hijo De La Bestia landed on top of the machine, slamming it into the pavement and skidding with it.
   “Why-,” Brown Widow paused and tried to remember her Spanish. She was not that good. “Why not the-” she made a pistol with her hand.
   “Stun gun?” El Hijo finished for her in English.
   A Teiwaz agent was peaking out of the passage and Brown Widow caught her with a kick to the face. A couple more soldiers, and a few dressed in plain security clothes, started their way firing. El Hijo summoned back the rhino strength and started charging full throttle.
   “ARE YOU CRAZY!” Water shouted.
   El Hijo’s outfit was designed to take most bullets from sidearms and with the rhino strength his skin was now tougher. El Hijo rammed through all four leaving them a wreck on the ground. Water moved in with a whip of water to the head of the one still conscious.
   “You okay?” Widow asked and El Hijo nodded, got in touch with a nearby bird and took to the air. Tossed a couple random bombs behind them and went to knock out some more defense drones.
   “Kids going to be a natural,” Brown Widow observed before directing Water to get on piggyback style. Water took a deep breath and complied with the request. She held tightly with arms and legs hooked around the taller Brown Widow who then leaped up onto the nearby two story building. Brown Widow ran forth with and leaped again, landing on a silver tube leading straight ahead into the heart of the factory. Widow dropped down to the ground-made some turns through and out until the large building was in sight. Brown Widow leaped as far as possible to the large building. She connected with the wall but a laser blasts from below forced her dodge, she then leaped off to the ground when an RPG fired her direction. Water screamed in her ear, very much annoying Widow. Brown Widow landed in a squat and rolled to her right with Water still on her back (that was on purpose), before nailing a few webs at the incoming enemies. The webs stuck their guns to their hands and had them momentarily confused.
   Water summoned the liquid from her pack through the small nozzles on top of her gloves. She used the liquid as whips, taking care of the men.
   “You guys in yet?” Professor asked.
   “No, we’ve had some obstacles,” Widow said into her com.
   “I hate to rush but can you get to it?” asked Professor.
   “What’s the hurry?” Widow asked.
   “The Inner Circles resident is trying to download all his files and escape.”
   “Oh-okay, we’re going through a door right now,” Brown Widow said leading the way around the building to the nearest door.


   Red Sprite and Bravado moved through the plain gunmetal colored corridors all while Bravado had a good laugh about the animals the liberated.
   “That monkey shot lasers from his eyes! That some crazy shit!” he proclaimed.
   Red Sprite did not respond, she simply checked room after room, many times spraying it with fire and forcing the sprinklers to pop on. Thus ruining thousands to millions of dollars in equipment. Some labs she went in, took a cursory look over the place, and planted a parasite.
   “So the experimenting on animals thing is not a Nazi trait?” Bravado asked.
   “Hitler and others were against animal cruelty and drew up laws. Doesn’t mean it did not happen at the time but the laws they put forth to protect animals is mostly still in use in Germany today. The Nazi’s have had an impact on much, including the advancement of sciences and technology while in former Nazi scientists were employed of the US. Their Nazi pasts were, as they say, bleached and given new credentials to allow for US Government clearance,” Red Sprite explained.
   “Ain’t that some crazy shit? Giving enemies a slap on the wrist and then recruiting them. Like in the Captain America movie. We need to watch out for Hyrda,” Bravado said.
   “Amusing,” Sprite lied before saying, “Thus is the nature of war, progress, and the pursuit of power. Now lets check in here.”
   A gun was put to her head as she walked in.
   “You’re going to die for this-” before the soldier finished Red Sprite set their shoes on fire. They jumped around screaming, let loose a couple rounds before Bravado stepped in a punched the lanky scientists lights out.
   “Its another lab. That’s what most everything is. Labs, computer labs, machine labs, experiment labs. And most all look alike too,” Bravado said.
   Red Sprite found a computer and plugged in a parasite into the hard drive.
   “How many of those do you got?”
   “That was the last one,” Sprite answered before touching her collar and speaking into the com, “More info on your way.”
   “I’m seeing it ping. So much stuff coming in,” Professor said.
   “The more we acquire, the stronger our future opposition against the Guard,” was Red Sprites response before signaling to the exit the lab. Once out Bravado took the lead with Red Sprite behind throwing fire balls behind her to scare off anybody following.
   At one corridor two men turned the corner into them. Bravado caught one of the soldiers gun before they could aim, pushed them up against the wall. Red Sprite fired a tiny fireball at the other to distract them. She moved in with a jumping palm strike under the chin. Bravado dealt with his soldier with a well placed headbutt. The two moved down to the direction the men came up from.
   After a few minutes it was decided to find their way back up top. Red Sprite guided back part way before splitting to a direction some of the Teiwaz were rushing off to. They moved quick up a few stairs onto a catwalk. It was up by a ladder that Bravado spotted one of the Teiwaz heavy hitters.
   “It’s that punching asshole,” he said.
   “YOU!!!” Knockdown shouted before rushing toward the pair.
   Bravado charged in himself, threw his body at Knockdowns legs, tripping him. Both up and Bravado tagged a couple jabs to the face and a body shot. Knockdown pushed him back, went for a powered punch but Bravado dodged it and caught him with another body shot. His next punch did not hit the mark-instead he got a elbow to the face. A kick from Knockdown for more separation. Knockdown went for one of his punches, Bravado tried to move but Knockdown caught part of his shoulder, dislocating it. He went down hard, bit his lip, cussed himself out.
   Knockdown turned toward Red Sprite who was watching. He reeled his arm back but before he could pulverize her with his glowing fist she caught him with hard kick to the groin. Knockdown feel to one knee cussing in French. She followed with a straight punch to the right eye-knowing it’ll be black tomorrow. She lit her left had a bit, connect with a slap that would leave a burn mark. Knockdown was now bent over and Red Sprite deliver a kick to face, breaking his nose. Red Sprite stepped over him to Bravado who was getting up holding his bad arm.
   “You are one vicious bit-” Bravado started before hollering as Red Sprite fixed his shoulder back into place.
   “Sprite!” Professor in her ear trying to get her attention, “Widow and Water could use your help in the building. They might not be able to catch our guy.”
   “Bravado and I are on our way,” she replied pointing to the ladder. The two made their way out.


   The trouble Brown Widow and Water ran into was the Teiwaz heavy hitter, Grip. After the two made their way to the top floor-on Professors directions-they exited only in time to see Grip blocking the way. He was not happy to be playing guard to a man he loathed but it was his duty as a cog in the gears that was the Teiwaz Organization.
   Water began to work her water into whips, her preferred technique, on the much larger man but a shot to the chest knocked her down before she could do much. The costume provided some protection from the bullet but left her gasping for breath and possibly a bruise as it cut through her outer vest.
   Brown Widow, took the gun away from Grip with a string of webbing. She then came in for an attack but was swatted away. Widow considered a means of attack but she usually fought a more defensive style. Brown Widow got into a defensive squat and consider a new strategy because of this. Widow moved toward Grip, used her speed and agility to dodge and block his strikes but her own jabs were ineffective. In response from him came a mechanical fist to her gut. Grip threw Brown Widow into the wall and went for a haymaker, Widow dropped out of range and he cracked the wall. Widow kicked out his legs and then head. She lunged at him, got two boot to the gut with so much force she was thrown into the other wall. If she did not crack her ribs at the first collision with the wall she did now.
   Before Grip could follow through Water used a big blast of water-combining the streams from both nozzles. She caught Grip in the head, he stumbled, pointed his mechanical hand with the palm open, and fired a shot. Water rolled out of the way, a blast burn the ground where she once laid. He fired a couple more times and Water ran from it screaming.
   Brown Widow coughed up blood, mumbled about Water before catching the unaware Grip with a jumping knee to the side of the head.
   “Nice distraction!” Widow shouted at Water who was down far the hall.
   Johan ran out the office, bag in one hand, gun in the other. He fired off shots, Widow dodged, ran up the wall and crawled on top to avoid. Johan hit the button to the elevator, back turned to the heroes, and Widow tried use a string of her webbing to catch him. Grip pulled Johan out of the way and shot a few blasts at the superheroes. Water met the blasts aimed at her with two thin streams which minimized the oval like energy beam into a small ball that caught her in the tip of the shoulder. Knocked her back, but no damage.
   “Why’d I agree to this job?” Water asked herself. She then said into the com under her wrist, “Yeah, we got troubles,” to Professor who was on the earpiece asking for updates.
   Johan escaped into the elevator and Brown Widow charged ahead as Grip checked his mechanical hand which was low on power. Widow lunged, Grip caught and tossed her away. Widow landed into a cartwheel followed by a handspring back flip. Grip charged her, picked Brown Widow up and rammed her through the double doors into Johans office. Grip followed by throwing her into the closest couch.
   “I really hate you. But at least you are not rambling on about how I’m about to die. I guess everyone does have their good points,” Brown Widow said.
   Water arrived and started using her water whips to strikes at Grip who backed up and shook his head. Water knew this man was too tough for this kind of attack. Water used her powers to force on the sprinklers.
   Grip swore and started pressing a button on his mechanical hand. Water manipulated the H2O from the sprinklers into a large ball and hit Grip into the chest. He flung back, hitting the desk hard.
   “HA!” Water proclaimed before Grip threw his hand at her feet. It started beeping and when someone tosses an item at you that starts beeping, that is not good. Water used her ability to force a rush of water to throw her out the way of the explosion.
   Grip started walking toward the double doors but before Grip reach them Brown Widow launched out onto Grip. He threw her down to the ground and she rolled back.
   Grip wondered why the so-called superhero did not simply use her webbing. Widow knew why she wasn’t using them. A combination of injury, exertion, the nervousness and fear. She would need to rest up and get some food in her before they would come back strong.
   Grip came in for Brown Widow, it was him that lunged at her this time and it was Widows turn to catch him with her feet. Instead of pushing him into a wall she threw Grip over to the back of the large office with all her left over strength. Grip smashed through the window and out the building. Brown Widow forced herself up and walked over to see outside. A morbid curiosity over the sight of a dead Super-Nazi.
   “Don’t we have a no killing policy?” asked Water asked as she reentered the office.
   “No killing unless unavoidable,” Widow answered.
   “Was that avoidable?”
   “Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t.”
   “Whatever. If I had my way I’d have this whole place bombed to hell. The only good neo-nazi faggot is a dead neo-nazi faggot,” she spat out.
   Brown Widow shook her head and said to Water, “Do the world a favor and never say that word again.”
   “I’ll try,” Water responded.


   Johan was in the air, an escape helicopter making his getaway. He was laughing about it until the door was broke open and El Hijo De La Bestia swooped in.
   “DAMN IT!” he shouted in German. Went for his handgun and El Hijo just decked him in the nose. Took his belt off and started to pull the Teiwaz shot caller out of the helicopter as the pilot had just turned to aim his gun. He didn’t let off a shot in fear of hitting his boss.
   El Hijo was able to grab Johan just right before dropping out of the plane. He was too small to really carry Johan but he got him down to the top of the building nonetheless, then dropped him hard.
   “My back… Shoulders…,” he complained.
   Johan got up, tried to punch El Hijo who just tripped him down causing a broken nose and scrapes to the head. He sat on Johan’s back and said to himself, “I caught a big one. Grandfather is going to love hearing about this.”