Part 19

by CM Towns

   When the attack came, things became hectic fast. Araminta was in quick to shield the scientist, one Dr. Mathis. By protect Araminta really just threw him into one of portals, dumping him in an empty class room she scouted earlier. Araminta then dropped the device the Twiwaz was after into another one of her portals. One she used to store emergency supplies. The warp drive was five foot tall, eight foot in width. It could possible short circuit in her in the black, starry space she willed it but that was not a major concern.
   Araminta used more of her witches circles to shield from attacks from the bothersome enemy mechs as Kid Victory and SubHuman worked to shut them down and take on a handful of Teiwaz soldiers. When the attack relented Araminta took that time to port the injured away from the scene. The fighting went outside onto the campus and Araminta checked on more injured until she became aware of a certain figure watching, The Mute.

   “Its you again,” Araminta said. Araminta read up on the available information regarding this Teiwaz criminal. No one knew if the assassin known as Mute was deaf or just unable to speak. Perhaps she just chose not to. Either way Araminta had played around with the idea of meeting the sword wielding Teiwaz killer again. Araminta took out her blade and held it tight.
   The two began. Their swords danced. Left, right, forward thrust, spin low, swing high, foot work dancing around. The contact between steel built up Araminta’s confidence. She was holding her own. That was until the kick to the chest. She stumbled, tripped back. Was not her cape, but rather her foot work that was at fault. She landed on her bottom, rolled back and had the sword up to block the swipe of Mutes attack. The killer popped her in the face with a knee. Before she could slash for the kill a witches circle appeared and provided the block.
   Mute backed up and Araminta got up, nose bleeding and breathing hard. The swords went at it again, Mute sped up the pace but Araminta worked to match her and soon the swords simply circled with one another. Mute forced Araminta’s sword to the ground and came up with a swipe that Araminta barely dodged. Mute spun and tried to thrust the blade into her gut but Araminta shielded.
   Mute backed up, shook her head. Araminta knew what that meant. She was not a worthy swordswoman. The two went at it again with Mute putting everything into her strikes, out matching Araminta who got caught with a savate kick. Aramintas balance was rocked and at the moment she tried to block a strike with her sword held one handed but Aramintas blade was knocked away. Aramintas mind mind raced with worry. Instead of bringing up a shield she used a port. The blue witches circle expanded at her feet and sent Mute dropping out of her way. The teleportation was short range, Araminta had no destination in mind but knew it would be close. Mute dropped from near the ceiling and Araminta took this moment to retrieve her weapon. Mute landed, rolled and turned to face her opponent. Araminta’s sword flew toward her head and Mute knocked it away. Araminta teleported behind her with a dropkick. Mute stumbled, another port caught her, this time came out from a vertical position. Mute landed hard, her blade cutting into her side.
   Mute didn’t scream, she got up and checked the wound. Araminta connected with her blade into the gut. If she was a different kind of person, the enchanted blade she took from the villain Knight Rolling would have sliced Mute in half. Instead the blade was dull, used as a blunt instrument to bruise and batter. It did just that. Mute had all the air gush out of her from the blow. With the cut from Mutes own weapon, it was now a losing battle for her.
   “Surrender!” Araminta demanded.
   Araminta could not match swords with this woman, but she was stronger in other areas and that made Araminta smile. What turned the smile upside down was the look in Mute’s eyes after she stood straight up. Those eyes rolled back, Mute’s head and body twitched, then she dropped. Araminta checked under the mask-her mouth foaming. Cyanide capsule, she thought. Araminta took a deep breath and stood up. She sheathed her sword and turned away to join her teammates.


   The attack was sudden and the enemy were quick. Araminta hit the stage while Kid Victory and SubHuman hit the bad guys. Chased a number away. SubHuman took out one small mecha with one of the bombs Kid Victory gave him. He wondered how many of these bombs the team went through per mission? How many did Kid Victory go through in a week?
   SubHuman pursued a few soldiers around to the outside of the library. A blast here and one there. He went back into the library and saw Araminta in a sword fight with the lady known as Mute. SubHuman was about to help her but GR44 was on the line telling him that he needed to move around to another part of the campus to check on Dr. Mathis. So SubHuman shuffled off, having faith Araminta could handle herself.
   SubHuman moved swiftly, along the way some local police and security tried to stop him. Language barrier being what it is he either got away from them or just tapped them with the baseball bat (sometimes charged with his power) he picked up. SubHuman reached the building he needed to be at and saw a couple men waiting. He took an explosive and threw it near by. They turned toward that direction and when they turned in time to see where it came from it was too late. He tagged both with an electric shock from his pointer finger. SubHuman jolted inside and made his was to the nearest stairway, a couple men coming down with the Doctor. One fired and the other retreated with the doctor in the opposite direction, which is also what Subhuman did. SubHuman around the corner to head them off, waiting with the bat. No incoming steps from the other soldier. SubHuman considered his options and an eerie feeling made him look up, the soldier was starting to aim his gun over the railing. SubHuman dodged the blast, fired up to the steps and the Teiwaz soldier hopped over the rail to the floor. Subhuman connected with his bat to the back of the soldiers legs. The man fell hard, head hitting the ground knocking him out. He then turned to see the last soldier escorting the Doctor down the stairway they were all first at. SubHuman swore, they retreated back, split and had him running to the opposite end.
   SubHuman ran out the building and got on the com on his jacket collar and said, “They got him.”
   “I’m checking security now,” GR44 said.
   “FREEZE!” shouted a voice. SubHuman turned around and saw two teenagers in blue and red uniforms. One he thought he recognized, a black haired boy with a pale face. The thin mask was not much cover. The other a winged Asian girl, he guessed Korean. She had goggles on, expensive looking ones he guessed. Both carried some weapons on them.
   “Um… So you’re the guys?” SubHuman asked of the two.


   Elsewhere in the chaos Kid Victory was engaged in a battle with Europa. The two on the ground behind the site of the presentation. Europa used her sword (an energy blade that look similar to a certain weapon in a very popular film franchise) which kept Kid Victory at bay until he tossed one of his clubs to Europa’s hand and knocked it away. They put up into fighting stances and circled. Kid Victory was just finishing one of the mecha’s the Teiwaz used for this assault when Europa tried taking him out with an RPG. That lead them to this one on one and Kid Victory could see that the beautiful, yet racist, lady wanted to kill him for the cause.
   They two traded strikes, a couple low kicks, but neither gained the advantage.
   “You are pretty good nig-” before she finished she was tagged with a jab. Kid Victory caught her foot under his boot before a stronger jab to the head. She stumbled back, getting her foot free, and shook off the attack.
   “Keep your back handed compliments to yourself,” he responded.
   Europa faked a low strike with her right, tried a left jab which Kid Victory caught and he threw her over his shoulder to the ground. Europa kicked up to his head, nipped up to her feet and jumped up, kicked back into his chest as he stepped forward. Kid Victory staggered onto one knee, got up and the two were back trading blows with Kid Victory getting the better in this exchange with an open hand to the throat.
   Europa coughed, spit, shifted her stance. Kid Victory moved in and she leaped, a spin and a kick that missed. Europa landed on her feet and both went for a kick but her’s caught him in the head while his only met her block. Pair of gut punches and a headbutt, spinning hook kick catching Victory in the temple sent him swirling to the floor. He quickly recovered into a squatting fighting stance.
   Europa was smiling again. Kid Victory did not like that one bit. Kid Victory eased up, leaning back still ready for more. The two circled some more.
   “I heard you bested Anslem by yourself,” Europa said.
   “You heard true,” Kid Victory verified.
   “His powers gave you no trouble?”
   “None. I had the right tools for that fight.”
   “Do you have the right tools for this one?” Europa questioned.
   “You tell me. Seeing as you think yourself a seasoned pro.”
   “I am a trained killer. Over a decade of experience. You are good, but not my equal,” she replied.
   “Really? You know how often I hear that and so far only a few people have really came out looking better than me. Last one was this Mexican heavy. Bad ass dude. Took on me, Mr. Monster and Flash-Man. Before that Mr. Ash, one of mine. I was surprised by that one,” Kid Victory told her.
   “I like hearing of your defeats.”
   Kid Victory chuckled and stood straight up, rolled his head a little, did a squat and put one hand out into a ‘bring it motion’ with the other behind his back. Europa was a bit confused by this stance, she considered her options. She stepped in, went for the hand but was caught into a wristlock. Victory held her arm straight, one hand controlling the wrist while bring up the knee as his elbow came down at the exact moment. Both meeting the forearm. Europa screamed out.
   “I think I just broke your arm,” Kid Victory said. She went to her pistol on her boot but Kid Victory came in with a haymaker. She got up and got a kick to the head. Europa dropped, cussed, said something in German. Kid Victory rushed her, pushed her down and dug into her mouth, pulling out the capsule and tossing it.
   He wagged his finger and said, “Not today lady,” before a final blow to the head.
   Kid Victory’s head swung up and saw a figure covered in light flying overhead. Araminta popped in next to him and said, “We got trouble.”
   “Yes you do!” said a masked man in a dark blue Kevlar jumpsuit with a double star in the center (outer in red, inner in white) holding a gun. There were a couple of others with him. One was a woman of steel and the other a teen boy with a helmet. Their costumes were similar. Mostly blue, with secondary colors in white and/or red. A little black mixed in with boots, gloves and belts. Kid Victory sized up the three, noting the leader had to be the man fully masked man with the weapons. The one in the black helmet carried a couple weapons so Kid Victory assumed his abilities were either defensive or not strong enough to go without a gun or two. Then he remembered where he seen a similar head gear, Telepath. The steel skinned lady among the three chose not to have sleeves on the costume or any sort of mask or headgear.
   “Kid Victory,” the Marine said.
   “I assume you’re the team leader for this group,” Kid Victory said.
   “Indeed. My team is finishing rounding up the Teiwaz and-” he stopped to look to his left. Kid Victory and Araminta turned to see SubHuman being lead by an angel like woman and the Screamer from their first case. Known as Mute and Audio.
   “Sorry guys, felt it was better to not fight them,” SubHuman said.
   “No worries. It’s not like they’re taking you.”
   “You don’t think we are?” asked Ms. Steel.
   “Please. You know damn well Reina Titán will just snatch him back if she needs to,” Kid Victory said.
   “I’d like to see her try,” Ms. Steel said.
   The leader, Marine, looked to Mentalist who shook his head, “They got blocks.”
   “Pegged you as a telepath. That’s nice. Luckily we have some conditioning. Magic users are hard to read, and me, took a stab and put my block in when I saw the helmet. Though most of us would be hard to read,” Kid Victory said.
   SubHuman started whispering song lyrics the moment he saw Mentalist.
   Marine saw SubHuman and knew what he was up to, using a trigger to keep Mentalist out. He said, “Let the punk rocker go.”
   “What?” Ms. Steel asked.
“He’s right. Reina will be here to take him if necessary. Lets just avoid a fight. We’ll share credit by rounding these people up. Still looks good on us. Bureaucrats can chalk up the late arrival to politics. Everyone wins except the Teiwaz,” Marine said.
   “It was nice meeting you all. Scream boy, you need a better mask,” SubHuman said as he moved over to his partners. Araminta opened a witches circle, the portal ready.
   “You know we will meet again and that time we’re going to have more words to exchange,” Marine said.
   “My team is double yours in numbers, more experienced in the field, and pound for pound more powerful,” Kid Victory said with a delighted smirk.
   “You don’t have much of your team right now,” Mentalist said.
   “Yeah, we only needed a handful of people. Obviously you guys missed the party in New York. You’re also missing the other party,” Kid Victory said before pulling up his mic, “News Professor?”
   “They got him,” she told him.
   “My other teammates picked up one of the Teiwaz Inner Circle and tore their home up. You need directions?” Kid Victory taunted.
   The Marine jerked his head back and laughed. His teammates were confused by this and Marine said.
   “Nah, man, I’m sure we’ll find it. You guys did great, see you around,” Marine said.
   The five Government heroes watched the trio leave and Ms. Steel said, “What was that?”
   “Yeah-it was kind of creepy,” added Audio.
   “Kid Victory lived up to his reputation. Smart mouthed, arrogant, and able to get the job done. He was prepared for us without being prepared for us. Know to pick your fights,” Marine said.
   “He’s right. Setting precautions against telepaths? They also knew they could escape at any moment with their friend,” Muse said.
   “Whatever,” Ms. Steel said.
   “Check for anymore Teiwaz, then round up, we’re going to clean up the other party too,” Marine directed.