Division-1 Profile: The Marine

by CM Towns

Real Name: Russell Caine
Codename: The Marine
Ethnicity: Black/Mixed Race
Hair/Eye Color: Shaved, black/Brown eyes
Height/Weight: 6’1 ½″/202 lbs.
Classification: Experienced Fighter
Abilities/Weapons: Experienced in hand to hand combat, marksman with gun, and knife fighting. Carries current gun, two pistols, knives. Has both rubber bullets and regular for his guns. Also tear gas, flash grenades, and other assorted weapons.
Origin: Russell is 33 years of age and a seasoned marine. He tried out for a position as leader of the government sanctioned Division-1. He operates as the teams leader of the teenage squadron. he is the only non-powered individual on the team.
Costume: Black covert ops outfit with blue boots and gloves. Red and white double stars on each shoulder. Wears black helmet with black visor that covers his face.
First Appearance: Case File 006-Kings, Queens, Knights and Pawns