Division-1 Profile: American Made

by CM Towns

Real Name: Damian Johnson
Codename: American Made
Ethnicity: Mixed Race (Mother is Latina, Father is Caucasian)
Hair/Eye Color: Short, styled blond hair/Blue eyes
Height/Weight: 5’10″/172 lbs.
Classification: Alien Based Mutation
Abilities/Weapons: Manipulation of molecules and light. Allows him to fly, increased speed, super strength strength, and energy blasts.
Origin: Navy brat who survived an alien attack on the base he lived on. Experimented on for a short period before being saved by Reina Titan. Damian slowly gained incredible powers.
Costume: Blue pants and white top that has blue sleeves. In the center with a double star, red outside and white on the inside. Red utility belt. White boots and gloves. Matching blue cape with the same double star on the back.
First Appearance: Case File 006-Kings, Queens, Knights & Pawns