The Guard-A Young Adult Superhero Series

by CM Towns

It’s the dawn of a new age. Where magic has returned and alien life has been proven to exist. Where the history of the human race is now more debated than ever. In this new age came the birth of the superhumans. People gifted with powers and abilities born of magic, science, or of human achievement. New evils rise, ancient evils return, and hidden evils are exposed. In the superpower arms race comes the arrival of a group of youngsters determined to fight for justice-The Guard.

The cast is diverse. Take a look at the Profile page. Half the team is women. Over half the team features characters of color. While the profiles do not specify LGBTQA status the team does feature several characters. Some you meet right off the bat others come out as the series progresses. The profile page also lists supporting characters and series villains.

The series is about to enter its seventh story in a few weeks so go and catch up! Its totally free on WordPress and Tumblr!