The Case Files: The Rise of the Guard

by CM Towns

The first of the Guard stories is entitled Rise of the Guard. Here’s the write up.

Its been three years since the dawn of the superhuman age. When a runaway known only as Araminta finds herself the target of mysterious men she is rescued by the worlds first superhero Reina Titán. Araminta is then introduced to a group of teenage heroes who have banded together to take down the terrorist organization known as the Teiwaz. An evil society that has infiltrated the United States government and is kidnapping and experimenting on teenagers to build into a future superhuman army. Only this young group of heroes have what it takes to stop them.

The first story features the the above mentioned Reina and Araminta as well as Reina’s crime fighting partner (and adoptive sister) Red Sprite, the vigilante Kid Victory, SubHuman, Mr. Monster and Huntsman. The story also introduces a pair of important supporting characters. The story threat, the Teiwaz, are a major threat throughout the series as they also appear in the last story and will make more appearances in the future. DAMN THOSE EVIL SUPER-VILLAIN ORGANIZATIONS BENT ON WORLD DOMINATION!

My favorite parts of the series is Araminta’s introduction to the team as well as the final acts big collision between the heroes in the villains. Especially the parts with Red Sprite.

The story runs 22 chapters, altogether just over 150 pages. Its a quick read.

You can check out the story HERE!