The Case Files: Dagger

by CM Towns

The fourth Guard story is entitled Dagger. Here’s the write up.

A series of attacks on US government instillations has George Blackwell seeking help from the Guard. This leads to the team of young heroes going up against the ruthless Daga Cartel-the number one criminal empire in Mexico. The Daga rose from the cartel wars to stake its claim and now they are looking to further expand their powerbase. This means new weapons, new soldiers and more control of the drug trade throughout the Americas. With the cartel having operations not just located in Mexico but also in several states the team is forced split up. Along the way they team with a couple new heroes-the Spider Woman of New Mexico and the worlds only known speedster.

This one is important for introducing my trans character who eventually goes by Brown Widow and my Muslim superhero who gets named Flash-Man. I also wanted to do a story where the team is split over several locations fighting the same battle. Pairing up Reina with the future Widow in one area. Victory and Monster inviting the future Flash-Man to help them in another. The rest of the team going into Mexico proper to lay down a hurting. The story introduces a few more supporting players and some important bad guys. I think of this as a transition story as I expand the teams size in the next story.

I like writing Flash-Man more than I thought I would even though that developed in future stories. Brown Widow’s introduction chapter I thought was good, especially because before writing it I had no concept of how to approach her. There is no personal favorite chapter but I did enjoy dozens of scenes and I really liked writing the big fight scene with the heavy Tiro Certero.

Story runs 18 chapters and around 135 pages.

Read the story HERE! If you haven’t started at all, check out the Case Files and start now!