The Case Files: Relics

by CM Towns

The fifth Guard story is entitled Relics. Here’s the write up.

As the Guard expands its ranks two new cases come down. First case takes Reina Titán and her team to Manhattan to track down an enemy she has history with, a stranded alien named Fliopt. A gifted mage who has utilized his talents and knowledge of alien technology to become one of the most in demand gun runners on Earth. Fliopt has come to Manhattan is in search of a treasure that he could use to bury his competitors and anyone who may choose to stand in his way. Joining Reina’s team includes Mr. Monster, Huntsman, and Flash-Man as well as a trio of new members. Kestrel, a female vigilante of Native American descent. Gravity Woman, a black superhuman who can manipulate the gravity around her. Also Ichi Senshi, an Asian martial artist who can create swords from spirit energy. However the weapon Fliopt seeks maybe to much for the team to stop.

The first portion of the series is a big introduction of new characters. Not just the ones listed above (Kestrel, Gravity Woman, and Ichi. Guess which two are LGBT) but also El Hijo de La Bestia who has animal mimicry powers and Bravado who was mimicry powers. Plus Water, who had a small part in the first story. The story also is the first full mention of the government superhero team who will pop up later. The villain of the piece, Fliopt, ties in to Reina (and Red Sprites) own superhero history. This story also represents the first villain that really can test Reina Titán’s power.

I really enjoyed the opening parts. The team orientation, hanging out, beginning of the training. There is also a pseudo-fashion show with Michie talking about the costumes, most of which she designed or altered. Also really dig having Reina fight someone who could bring it to her in a fight. The developing new friendships. Including Kestrel’s attraction to a certain lady and getting a little advice about it. It was interesting writing more Reina and Mr. Monster stuff as we meet Monsters family. His origin being that he was the oldest son in a rich family, specifically the second richest black family in the world.

The biggest story at this point. 29 chapters and over 215 pages.

Read the story HERE! If you haven’t started at all, check out the Case Files and start now!