The Case Files: Kings, Queens, Knights & Pawns

by CM Towns

The sixth, and last story I wrote, is entitled Kings, Queens, Knights & Pawns. Here’s the write up.

The evil organization Teiwaz has been running operations on and off throughout Europe and are currently within France for unknown reasons. Their activities have now forced the Guard to take their first trip out of the States to do battle with their enemies. As they begin their investigation they become aware that one of the Teiwaz’s main shot callers is in the country and if they can grab him they will be one step closer to shutting down the whole empire. Taking place during Case File 005, this story shows the other half of the team. Kid Victory, Red Sprite, SubHuman and Araminta are joined by four new members. Brown Widow a Latino spider woman. Water, an elemental mage. El Hijo De La Bestia who has animal mimicry abilities. Also Bravado, muscle memory and mimicry talents.

As you can see the Teiwaz are back and we get a cameo from the villain Master-Doctor from the first story but mostly new Teiwaz bad guys are introduced. Also the story introduces the organizations leaders. The sixth story also has another extended cameo from a different big bad. Lots of developments in this one. I also learned in this one that I don’t like the character of Water. But it challenges me to make her heroes journey more personal. Also, the Guard meets Division-1, the US governments superhero team. They’ll have more interactions in the future.

My favorite chapters involve my heroes just kicking ass. So those closing chapters with the big battles. Also some character development and personal moments with the characters Brown Widow, SubHuman, and Araminta. Plus I always enjoy writing Red Sprite and Kid Victory for different reasons.

At 21 chapters and around 145 pages.

Read the story HERE! If you haven’t started at all, check out the Case Files and start now!