by CM Towns

Heres whats going on.

The next story is mostly done. Just needs editing on a few chapters and a couple additional scenes and trims. Will start on that soon.

008 is in need of the third draft/proof read. It should be pretty easy as I’ll jump into that shortly.

009-011 is set for second drafts.

012 was a monolith and I quit towards the end because as I progressed I realized I needed to trim a lot and that I would be dropping certain things and adding others. But I got close to the end and have a better idea of what I must do.

Luckily 007 and 008 are larger chapters so I have time for a lot of the big rewrites.

Outside all this I had been on burn out with how quickly I knocked out 009-011 and 012 draining me. I’ve been neglecting a major rewrite of a YA manuscript. Been itching to take a second crack on this horror manuscript. Right now however I am working on a pitch for Oni’s open submission. Half way through the first draft of the submitted script.

I just need to get abck into the daily grind of writing.

As stated The next Guard story will start next month. Early in the month. More details soon.