007: Part 1

by CM Towns

   Kid Victory was focused. No patrol for him, rather he chose to concentrate on one of the open cases with many question marks. Much was going on with the team. Teiwaz had Operation New Authority to which no one seemed to know the specific details other than pooling resources and intel. Izam Mizer’s mystery plans continued to baffle the group. They knew it had to do with magic and the mysterious book they traded for information in Paris, but little else to go on. Then there was the one named King. Jessie’s friends and sources got them a name and a picture of an individual believed to be King-the shadowy and corrupt ruler of the world. Kid Victory was working on that tonight. Word was one of Victory’s rogues was keeping Kirby City occupied for the mystery man.
   The rogue in question was said to be Jai-Oin, a time displaced ninja from the future. Jai-Oin started a small criminal enterprise in Kid Victory’s home which had small groups all over the state and outside. Tonight he investigated one of Jai-Oins many hideouts, this one in the city of Sprang. This particular hideout was an old brick building, privately owned and empty except for the ninja foot soldiers who currently resided. Not real ninjas, local thugs given some fancy training and sent into battle. Kid Victory broke in through a large round window and went to work quickly.
   The element of surprise had them frozen, just briefly, enough to take out two men. A couple smoke capsules to distract, two more down. Door opens, a dummy explosive rolling their way, those other foot soldiers take cover. Kid Victory exited out the way he came after planting a listening device and a couple trackers. Victory wanted them confused. Watch their movements, listen to what they say. All part of the plan to find Jai-Oin. Interrogation would not work effectively, he tried that already.
   Summer was a few weeks from ending and that would mean less time for patrol and investigations. Though he had been taking it easier anyway under advisement from his family and teammates, it made him feel restless. The extra hours of sleep had done him good though and it been nice to hang out his family and friends. Still, he worried with all their enemies. Plus he loved the rush of being out at night, slamming down bad guys. It excited him like nothing else.

   Kid victory moved from building to building as he called in, “Acid Burn. You on?”
   “Tracker is working. That’s how many in a week?”
   “Five. How many active I don’t know,” Kid Victory said.
   “Only two others. The others died. Maybe laundry?” wondered Acid Burn.
   Kid Victory chuckled. “Easy answer. Or They’re trying to give me the run around.”
   “What other options do we have?”
   “Keep watching, really. One of these guys will slip up or Jai-Oin will get tired of the harassment and come after me,” Kid Victory responded.
   “Is that a good plan?”
   “I’d rather have the drop on him but whatever works,” he answered.
   Kid Victory switched on the binocular capability of his visor. A couple unmasked ninjas coming out. Described their car and license plate to Acid Burn as he thought about her question. He needed to get in contact with the criminal Jai-Oin. His knowledge of the future might offer some ideas of what to expect from the mysterious King. The man who may rule the world.
   “That’s another one logged in. Lots of watching,” Acid Burn said.
   “Lot of stuff going on. Talk to Professor today?” asked Kid Victory.
   “No,” Burn replied.
   “Is GR working on stuff?”
   “Still going through all the Teiwaz data. As is Brown Widow, Flash-Man and Mr. Monster. Or Monster was. I guess he’s taking a vacation starting tomorrow,” she answered.
   “Sprite is on the Mizer case. What are the others doing I wonder,” Kid Victory said but he knew. Reina would help Red Sprite when she is asked. Araminta and SubHuman would be helping. Maybe Water and Gravity Woman. Kestrel might be doing independent research. Bravado, Ichi, El Hijo de la Bestia and Huntsman were a no go.
   “What now?” Acid Burn asked breaking up Kid Victory’s thoughts.
   “I guess I head home early,” Kid Victory replied.
   “You’re not really going to, are you?”
   “No. Call the cops. Give them the address of this hideout,” Kid Victory directed.
   Moments pass, Kid Victory got back closer to the building, watched as more ninja foot soldiers flee. Kid Victory ran down vehicles again, Acid Burn writing down the make and models as well as plates-sometimes only partial plates. There was fire now from the building, no surprise there. The ninja were covering their tracks.
   “You know what Burn? I think I will call it a night,” Kid Victory said.
   “Excellent. Can I have tomorrow off?” Acid Burn joked.
   “Go ahead. Take a whole week. Enjoy the rest of your summer,” he said looking up into the sky.
   Kid Victory took his visor off and took a deep breath. he let his mind wander for a moment. Running through possible routes of investigation and tracking to employ tomorrow night. He thought briefly about skipping that and hanging out with some friends. He had done more of that this summer and it had been a good time even though there was that nagging voice in the back of his head. Kid Victory heard the sirens coming and got up, put the visor back on and started on his way.
   “I’ve been following the exploits. You and your team-got to say you guys are doing pretty well,” Jason told him on Victory’s surprise visit to the prison the other day.
   The two were in the laundry room and Jason working.
   “But I can see a nagging going on. These unfinished jobs. When we couldn’t put away Ash or a bad guy got away, it nagged you. This-this is more gnawing I guess,” Jason guessed right.
   “What do you think?” asked Kid Victory.
   “Teiwaz is simple. Its about conquering. The question is where and when. Now, Mizer is tricky,” Jason responded.
   “Getting nowhere with that,” Kid Victory admitted.
   “There is a method. We can establish she is after a knowledge of magic, she’s looking for something. Maybe a weapon, maybe just power. Maybe its all misdirection. Mizer has an eye on the goal and a better on on the opposition,” Jason stated.
   “She is a concern, but I believe we can deal with her if she tried to come at us head on.”
   “But she won’t.”
   “You sure?”
   “No, its just if I was her I wouldn’t go head on with you. I’d look for another way to win.”
   “What about King?” asked Kid Victory.
   Jason shook his head and answered, “I would save King for last.”
   “You know why.”
   “I did, but now we have an idea of who and where he is.”
   “Really? So why not just got after him?”
   “Because, not enough proof. Tracking and surviellance would be too hard,” replied Kid Victory.
   “Also, if it is him and finds out you guys are snooping then he will make your life a living hell. You go after King-you better know damn well how to hit and where to hit,” Jason said pointing to him.