007: Part 2

by CM Towns

   Underneath hot white light-Give a scream. Takes us up into the sky and sets us free. We’ll lose ourselves, get our kicks, embrace the beat. Forget what’s real and burn out on a love so sweet. Take all you need and leave the rest… Now follow me to take the best.
   I like to watch the way you walk, I live to hear the words you talk, I’d love to know the things you do when no one’s there to spy on you. I want to crawl inside your head, to kiss your mind with lips of red. I dig the things you do to me, you’ve lit the fire to set me free. Oh, baby…

   Jessie sang on her broken bed with the acoustic guitar while Elijah fiddle with the tablet next to her.
   “There you have it-a new bed will arrive soon,” he said.
   “Excellent. Have you built the one in your room yet?”
   “Right now I’m liking the floor. You know, why risk another bed?” Elijah smiled and Jessie laughed. He then added, “Hope there wasn’t anything under your bed.”
   “Nope. Donated most of my books and got them digital. Other stuff I moved out into the new media cabinet,” she said.
   “That song you were singing-that was on your mix?”
   “Yes, my sexy sexy sex time mix. It’s by a group called My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult,” Jessie said.
   Elijah burst out laughing. “All their songs that sexy?”

   “Most of them. Very heavy disco and funk styles. But sometimes a little evil and gothic. Still most the time with a beat you can dance or fuck to,” Jessie said very happy with recent events.
   “I will definitely need a copy of this mix sometime,” Elijah started before leaning over his side of the bed to grab a box he had brought with him to Jessie’s home. Elijah had arrived with Reed earlier and Jessie was very pushy to have Reed, plus her younger sister Lucita, out of the house to hang out with Sally. She wanted alone time with Elijah. Very enjoyable alone time with Elijah.
   “I didn’t get the time to give you this,” Elijah said handing her the gift.
   Jessie sighed, put her guitar beside the bed and said, “You know-I appreciate gifts. The sweet new acoustic, the kicking heels, the new bed but really, you don’t have to. Seriously, at this point you can stop.”
   Jessie started opening the gift before continuing, “Except the bed. That is for sure a needed gift. Really, I’m not one of these women who need to be lavished at any-JESUS H CHRIST ITS A BRET HART JACKET! IT LOOKS REAL! IT LOOKS LIKE… WRESTLEMANIA 10! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!”
   “It is from Wrestlemania 10,” Elijah said.
   Jessie put it on her naked body and said, “OH MY GOD! I LOVE IT! ELIJAH! My body is ready, take me now. Hard and fast. Let me put the sexy sexy sex mix on first so we can-”
   Loud knock at the door.
   Jessie whispered, “Be very quiet.”
   “I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE! GET DRESSED! TIME FOR TO ME TO YOUR BOYFRIEND!” Mari James yelled from behind the door. Jessie put her hand over Elijah’s mouth, “I WILL LITERALLY WALK IN THERE! I HAVE A KEY! DO NOT TEST ME!”
   Jessie cussed and nodded. The two got dressed and moved into the home quickly as for Elijah, a very recognizable superhero, not to be spotted by any nosy neighbors.
   Once inside the pair walked toward the kitchen where Mari was putting out food. Jessie was confused while Mari stopped to take in Elijah. Tall, mutated, but not too inhuman in appearance. Mari noted he had a look that she could see women falling for. Of course those women were into science fiction or fantasy and that was not of much interest to Mari. She generally preferred bad action films with buff tough guys driving fast cars, melodramatic soaps, and shows about lawyers.
   “I got some Chinese food. Decided we can have a surprise mother and father meet beloved daughters boyfriend,” Mari said.
   “Dad already met Elijah,” Jessie said.
   “Your Dad also blanked on his name when I asked about the meeting,” Mari told her.
   “That kind of hurts,” Elijah said.
   “It’s not just you, her dad blanks on all Jessie’s conquests. He really does not want to know,” Mari said.
   “You should act more like dad,” said Jessie.
   “Why does that jacket look familiar?” inquired Mari.
   “Bret Hart wore it.”
   “Ah. Wrestling. I’d be more dismissive if I didn’t know as much about wrestling as I’ve learned from you and your father,” Mari said looking over the jacket.
   “So how did you get this together-Sally told you. That… Grrrrrrr!”
   “You have to forgive Sally. As the woman of the house and her surrogate mom her custom is to never lie to me,” Mari responded.
   The three sat down and Mari gave plates to Elijah and Jessie.
   “Shouldn’t we wait for sis, Sally and Reed?” Jessie said.
   “They’ll have left overs. So Elijah, what attracted you to this black clad rocker girl?” Mari wondered.
   “She gave me alcohol,” Elijah smiled while he got some noodles.
   Mari laughed. “Sounds like a teen romance if I ever heard one. She still getting you alcohol?”
   “Yes, we have liquor cabinet. Don’t worry though, we keep it out of the hands of our younger members and drink responsibly,” he replied.
   “Of course there really is no place to go so it’s easier to be responsible,” Jessie contributed.
   “Don’t you want to take your new jacket off?” Mari asked.
   Jessie with a dead eyed stare responded, “No.”
   Mari rolled her eyes at her daughter. “So tell me about yourself Elijah. What do you like to do? Hobbies?”
   “Basketball and football. Older movies. Jazz, R&B and blues rock. Do a lot more reading lately. Mostly detective novels but also nonfiction works. In that sense particularly bios on old movie stars and black history,” Elijah said.
   “You played sports in high school?” asked Mari.
   “Basketball. I was pretty good,” Elijah said.
   “His parents told me he was a future star,” Jessie said.
   “You met his parents?” Mari smiled. She started humming.
   “Stop that. Stop that now. Remove the smile,” Jessie said.
   “EVERYONE OKAY!? WHAT’D THEY STEAL!?” Jessie’s father, Diego, came yelling before stopping at the site of his daughter and Elijah.
   “Hello again sir,” Elijah said standing up to shake his hand.
   Diego shook his hand, “Yeah. God to see you again… Evvvvv-“
   “Elijah,” Jessie whispered.
   Diego snapped his fingers, “Elijah. Right. Mari-why’d you call me with an emergency?”
   “I got food. We’re going to bond with our daughter and her man,” Mari said.
   Diego pointed at her, really annoyed, close to anger and then he took a deep breath.
   “Sometimes I really, really don’t like you. You are insufferable. You get on my nerves. You do things that-” he looked over to Jessie and asked, “Is that Bret Harts jacket?”
   Jessie got out of her seat and shouted, “YES! Wrestlemania 10!” while jumping up and down.
   “Versus his brother Owen. Then later that night won the title against Yokuzuna. I remember watching that with Manny and your granddad,” there was a pause, “I’ve had sex dreams where I’ve worn that jacket,” Diego said touching it.
   Mari put her face into her hands and Elijah was disturbed by the honesty.
   “So have I. Who was in yours?”
   “No. No. No. You are not having this discussion. It’s creepy,” Mari stated.
   “We’re joking woman, damn,” Diego said before him and Jessie shared a wink that purposely betrayed the truth. Diego Elijah on the back before walking past him to his normal seat and sitting down.
   “But seriously, what says sharing more than discussing our wrestling based sex fantasies?” Jessie said grabbing a fortune cookie.