007: Part 3

by CM Towns

   At the Guard’s home base most the teammates were spending time in the Game Room. Aamil was currently frustrated with his skills at the FPS game he was playing alongside Arturo. Frank was playing pool with his April, while Eartha was watching and drinking a Blue Pabst Ribbon. One of the various alcoholic beverages that was in the liquor cabinet.
   “The nonsense in Turkey man, really wish we could go over there and just whup some ass,” Frank said.
   “The problem with that is even if we were to interject ourselves it may end up worst,” April responded.
   “Then we go back and send them another message,” Frank stated.
   “So you’re in favor of being a world police?” Eartha questioned.
   “No. I mean-definitely not, but it’s just frustrating,” he answered.
   “We could just go over there and help protect the protestors,” April suggested.
   “Yeah, that would be good. Still, get us in trouble cause you know we’d end up smacking some of those damn riot police,” said Frank.

   Aamil got up to look at the game between Frank and April. He looked to Eartha and asked, “You next?”
   “Yep,” she said before another sip of her drink.
   “What do you think about whats going on in Turkey?” Frank asked.
   “I think I got tired of this conversation back home,” Aamil answered.
   “You sure you don’t want a drink?” April said motioning to the ice chest.
   “No I do not,” Aamil said.
   “Muslims don’t drink,” Frank said to her.
   “Prohibited, yes. Some debate on if its haraam-sinful and forbidden, or if its just heavily discouraged. Either way that doesn’t stop any Muslim from consuming alcohol. Muslims that do are usually trying keep it secret with like minded friends. Especially in non-Muslim countries,” explained Aamil.
   “Are you very religious?” Eartha said.
   “My choice against alcohol has nothing to do with my religion,” Aamil said.
   “More for us then,” April said.
   “You don’t even drink anything,” Eartha said.
   “Well, I don’t really like beer. The vodka’s alright. We should try wine,” April said.
   “You like wine?” Eartha inquired.
   “I like the idea of wine. Those fancy glasses filled with some sort of red wine while enjoying a good book. very high class,” she replied.
   “How much alcohol does Jessie buy you people?” Aamil asked.
   “Pabst Blue Ribbon and Cereveza’s for beer. Grey Goose vodka. Patron tequila. Jack Daniels whiskey and Southern Comfort 42 Proof,” Frank answered.
   “Sometimes I wonder about Jessie,” Aamil said shaking his head.
   “Its nice that you’re worried about any of us,” April said with a smile.
   “‘Worried’ is not the word I would use.”
   “Than what is?” April questioned.
   Aamil opened his mouth and stopped, then said, “Maybe the word is ‘worried.'”
   “Aaaaah,” April was about to go for a hug and Aamil put his hand up.
   “No,” he replied.
   Frank stopped Arturo from opening a Cerveza and said, “We have an age limit of fifteen for alcohol and smokes.”
   “Fuck you,” Arturo said.
   “Hey! Who taught you those words?” April said in a pretend mom voice.
   “Cable movies,” he responded.
   “His English is better than most people I grew up with,” Eartha joked.
   “Wish Reed was here, there’d be some gaming competition,” Arturo said before a yawn, “I’m going to play Street Fighter II,” he added before getting up form his seat and walking over to the gaming machines.
   “Does Reed visit Jessie and Sally often?” Aamil wondered.
   “Usually with Araminta,” Frank answered.
   “Now she has Erica to hang out with,” Eartha said.
   “She was constantly complaining in France. Why hook up with a superhero team if you don’t want to dress up and fight?” April told her.
   “She did alright in the fights though,” Frank pointed out.
   “True. Doesn’t change the fact she’s a bitch,” April said after Frank sunk his shot to win. April shook her head and put up her pool stick as Eartha started to set up a new game.
   “Any thoughts on our teams redhead?” April asked of Aamil.
   “As a rule, I dislike everyone,” Aamil answered.
   “So how do we rank on your dislike chart?” questioned Frank.
   “I don’t think I’ve actually spoken more than five words to Erica,” Aamil replied.
   Frank broke and then Eartha took a turn. April and Frank watched for a moment before April asked, “Any thoughts on the bank heists in Wisconsin?”
   “I don’t know about it. The only cases I’ve looked into are our King, Teiwaz, and Mizer,” Aamil answered.
   “So much damn information to comb through. We were all on that this morning, oh god. We split up-Araminta and Erica too. A lot of reading, a lot of checking, and nothing of use. Professor and her crew were doing the same and juggling all this other bullshit too,” said Eartha after putting the 6-ball into a middle pocket.
   “So what is the deal with Wisconsin?” asked Aamil.
   “A handful of heists of sorts. They take some money, blow up the banks. Just the ones owned by big banking companies-not the smaller banks,” Frank said.
   “They also claimed responsibility for the arson of police stations and attacks on certain retailers in a recent video message,” April continued.
   “Wouldn’t bother me if they were more careful. Their attacks have left a few dead and dozens wounded,” Frank added.
   “Anarchy gone wrong?” Aamil questioned him.
   “Not a fan of anarchy?” Frank asked.
   “Not a fan of communism,” he replied.
   “You a fan of corrupt democracy?” Frank shot back.
   “More of a libertarian really,” Aamil stated.
   “Please can we not talk politics. Its depressing and no one leaves the conversation happy,” Eartha said sinking another ball.
   “Who are these people? Future enemies?” Aamil went back to the subject.
   “Masked superhumans. Details are sketchy, but one appears to be able to do magnetism. One had an ice weapon-four people total,” said Frank.
   “The bosses have anything to say about it?” Aamil asked.
   “Nothing yet,” Eartha said.
   “And some of us think we should investigate,” April stated.
   “Then I think we need to work up a report. Look into each case and connect the details. Take it to the top brass. Antoine seems wrapped up in Kirby City and last I heard the himself, Sally and Jessie were going to split for some one on one work with the reserves,” Aamil said.
   “Sounds good to me,” Frank said.
   “Can we do it tomorrow? I am not in the mood for any more boring research,” Eartha told them.
   “Okay, tomorrow we work up a report. Now let me win this-” Frank shook his head as Eartha sunk the 8 Ball to win.
   “I can’t beat Elijah, Antoine or you. Seriously, are all black people killer at pool?” asked Frank.
   “Yes,” Eartha replied.