Part 8

by CM Towns

   A couple days had passed and the majority of the Guard were meeting for a training session. In the days between the occupants of the base, along with Aamil who had spent most his summer there, worked with the hub gathering details on the case they had been developing. Today several members would show off their progress in training without Araminta, Elijah, Frank and Reed. Antoine, Jessie and Sally would oversee their progress and decide if they could go out. If not one would take charge of the case. Frank and Elijah were a little insulted by the idea that they couldn’t head up a novice team but did not argue.
   Antoine, arriving late met up with Sally and Jessie outside the observation room.
   “You guys waiting for me?” he asked.
   “No, just chilling talking about this new video,” Jessie said signaling to Sally. She handed Antoine her tablet and he played the video. The video faded in and four individuals in all black and wearing clown masks stood with their backs to a chain linked fence.
   “We are concerned, angry, citizens of the world. We have dealt with racism, sexism, humanism. We have seen the face of corruption and we are making a stand. The banks we have targeted are part of that system of corruption and greed. Retail outlets who finance third world garment shops paying low wages in unsafe environments. The police you send-just cogs. Some don’t understand they they are there to strengthen the status quo but others know. They acted violently and aggressively at any turn,” said one.

   Antoine turned it off and handed back. He said, “I don’t care to watch the rest.”
   “Well he apologized for the loss of lives but said there will be casualties in the battle between good and evil,” Jessie told him.
   “The speaker made several points of truth but the tactics being used are very questionable. They will escalate and things will get worse,” Sally stated.
   “Which makes me wonder why we don’t just give the go ahead,” said Jessie.
   “I would rather one of us be in charge. Not to take away from some of the others, but they don’t have our experience,” Antoine told her.
   “While I do believe one of us should lead, I do agree with Jessie that they are ready. I suggested this to view the progress of our newest members but also to show that we see their efforts and support them,” Sally said.
   “So you want to pat them on the back in person?” Jessie asked.
   “Essentially,” she answered.
   “Okay-so then while their on this we all should get around to doing that one on one training we been pushing back,” Jessie said.
   “I am working on a case right now so I can’t,” Antoine said.
   “You’re always working on a case. Oh well, I’ll train with two. Go and Hunter. That leaves you with Pearl, okay?” Jessie said to Sally.
   Sally nodded and just then Elijah peaked out and told them to come in. Frank and Araminta were seated at the control panel and looked for the signal. Antoine nodded and Frank got on the microphone instructing them to enter. Aamil, Erica, April, Eartha and Arturo entered and got into formation. Eartha in the air, Arturo and April n sides with Erica behind Aamil placed in the middle. Multiple doors on the opposite side of the center opened. Four robots walked out first, humanoid build with muscled physiques. They began running as two more robots flew out, drones in the shapes of jets.
   “GO!” Aamil shouted. He ran forward, swept one robot down and charged a second one. Eartha kept the drones in the air busy as Erica held her ground, having her water whip attack at the ready. April and Arturo faced off with one robot a piece. Before the fight could really get into it further two large black metal balls rolled out and opened up into more robot enemies.
   “Eartha! Get bring them to Erica! April, start web shooting! Arturo more movement!” Aamil shouted.
   Eartha lead the drones toward the ground and Erica knocked them both away with her whips. Eartha used her gravity powers to swing away an approaching ball bot. Arturo hopped out of the way and it one of the muscled robots. Arturo used the two section staff on the ball bot when it transformed out of its sphere shape, smashing its eye socket.
   Aamil lead the other ball bot around the center as it rolled behind him in sphere shape. Aamil kept his speed low for it to think it was close before he ducked out of a incoming muscled bot that April swung over with her webs. That muscled robot bounced off and hit the ground. The ball bot turned transformed into its robot self and Aamil zig-zagged around him to slam his brass knuckles into the muscled bot who was trying to get up. Eartha used her gravity powers to pull that robot up and threw him across the center. The last two robots were blinded by Aprils web and Arturo smashed in ones head while Erica bounded the other ones down with her water whips.
   Three skeletal looking robots ran out firing small ping pong sized pellets. Eartha took to the air and found two more drones coming, these ones also firing.
   “Mario brothers!” Aamil shouted. Arturo and April leaped and came down on the faces of two robots, smashing them. Erica watered the ground underneath the third and it slipped leading to Arturo to pummel it while Eartha easily threw the other drones into a wall.
   Before they could celebrate one more robot appeared. Sculpted like a woman in a deep crimson color. Arturo leaped with the weapon at the ready but the female bot put out her left palm and a force field knocked him back. Right palm fired some blasts with Aamil and April dodging but Erica got hit. Aamil charged in but his strikes were blocked by the force field and was then swept down onto the ground. The robot leaped high, got into Earthas grasp before using midden missles popping from the thighs that shot forth a yard before exploding into dazzling light. Eartha shielded her eyes and got tagged. April used a string of webbing, tried pulling the enemy down but was pulled up and took a punch in the gut, knocking out all her air.
   Aamil started throwing pieces of broken enemies to the female bot to get her attention. Once then the bot started firing so Aamil shouted to Erica to do strike and she combined to streams into one powerful water bust, knocking the robot from behind. The robot swung around its attention before getting getting one of the ball bots slammed into her by Eartha. The enemy hit the wall, fell and then took repeated swings of Arturos two sectioned staff.
   Aamil turned and shouted, “We done!”
   There was a pause.
   “Please tell me its over,” Erica said.
   “We kicked some ass this time,” Arturo commented and April nodded in agreement.
   Sally’s voice came over the system, “One moment.”
   “What are they discussing?” Eartha questioned.
   “Maybe they still don’t think we’re good enough,” Arturo said.
   “I would be surprised if they said that,” April stated.
   Sally came back, “You did an excellent job. With the experience and power provided by Elijah, Araminta, Frank and Reed you should be able to handle this case without us. You all can proceed with this mission as you see fit. One more thing, Aamil you will take second in command behind Elijah.”
   The four looked at him and Aamil said, “Give me a few months, I’ll be running this whole team.”