Part 10

by CM Towns

   Willow Run Airport, the now closed airport near Ypsilanti, Michigan was the current base of operations for the Guard. The airport, despite a long and storied history dating back to 1942, had faced severe financial troubles. It was designed for freight and corporate use but with Detroit’s economy as it is-before and after the rise of superhumans-it became harder and harder to keep it open. The Yankee Air Museum that once was a part of this airport was moved to a new location. It was the perfect place for the Guard. Large enough to hide the Tuskegee-1 and with room to move.
   The group lead by Elijah with Aamil as second in command and Frank as his third arrived the night before. They started preparing after the attack on the firm and arrived before the criminal anarchists video went viral. They set up base, made dinner, and discussed what the first move would be before turning in early to prepare for the start of the next day. When the morning came they got to work.

   “If this is like their other outings we have two weeks at least,” April said as she scanned for more details on her tablet as she was seated next to Frank in folding metal chairs.
   “Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. I like that attitude,” Frank said in regard to the news about the money.
   “I don’t like what they did to the firm. At least to the people. The firm itself I could care less about,” Elijah stated as he paced.
   “Let’s think on where they go from here. They hit their normal targets and expanded to demolition of a factory. I understood why but the response from the automobile company is more lay offs not anything positive,” April stated.
   “You are right. They have hit at least seventeen banks that we know of in two states. We’ll round that up to eighteen and say nine per state. All major banks, no home grown banks,” Elijah said.
   “The law firms are something a little newer. They have hit a couple before. No major retail outlets on this attack. Most the fights with the police were in defense but this time they went at them,” Elijah stated.
   “Since they have not hit the retailers maybe we should consider that. Look into ones who use sweatshops. Could hit electronics retailers, with how the parts are made in China-serous shit there,” Frank commented.
   “Has that ever stopped you from using an mp3 player?” Aamil questioned from behind them.
   “Don’t start with me Aamil,” Frank warned.
   “Anything out there?” Elijah asked as Aamil grabbed a water from the cooler.
   “We hit the skids and asked around but obviously no one wants to talk there. Firm was a bust. We could check other locations they struck but I believe that would be pointless,” Aamil stated.
   “Eartha and Araminta still in the city?” April asked.
   “With Eartha’s family,” he answered.
   “How are the police. Does it look like their out in force?” Elijah questioned.
   “Hard to say. Not being familiar with the rate of patrols I can only hazard a guess,” Aamil replied.
   Elijah scratched his head to think of options. Arturo strolled out of the flier over to them.
   “Any news?” he asked.
   “None. We got no leads and we have the Hub monitoring the situation,” April answered.
   “Where’s Erica and Reed?” Aamil asked.
   “Reeds wandering around, Erica’s in the ship reading a book,” Arturo said.
   “She’s staying out of everyone’s hair? Smart,” Aamil said.
   “We have to consider the various places that they could be squatting,” April suggested.
   “This is Detroit-a lot of room to hide,” Aamil said.
   “Or our mystery wizard is cloaking them,” Elijah offered as a possibility.
   “That would harder to track,” Frank said.
   “Indeed. The scientific methods for finding magical hotspots is not a hundred percent, let alone seventy percent sound. Our magically inclined might be able to pick up some traces but that would still take time,” Aamil explained.
   “I know all of that. I just believe if their magical support is good, they are not squatting,” Elijah said.
   “We could look into empty homes. Get a list and check those off,” April proposed.
   “Just homes? What about apartments?” Arturo asked.
   “Too many people in apartment complexes. Might pick up on some new faces. Better for a house to stay in,” April answered.
   “That would still take too much time,” Aamil said.
   “I don’t see what other options we have for tracking them unless we sit and wait,” said Frank.
   “Jessie told me that superheroes are reactionary normally because even with the best of resources we can not patrol like normal police. They can move around but with limited contacts and the lack of an investigation network its harder to stop crime before it starts or to track. Even the Division-1 is essentially just heavy muscle called in when the investigation is over,” April said.
   “I have an idea,” Elijah said.
   “Lets hear it,” Arturo said.
   “Five individuals with superpowers, four we know for sure. Two males and one foriegner probably female. Based of course on their voices. All we have is a couple rumors about who but I believe using our contacts we can get information from the AHM. One or two of these guys might be in there which could net us a photo,” Elijah said.
   “I thought of that and put a request in but we got nothing back,” April told him.
   “Who’d you contact?”
   “Kate and she put in word to the Big Boss,” April answered.
   “Why not Jessie?”
   “I-hmmm… I guess that slipped my mind. Damn it!” April replied.
   “Don’t beat yourself up over it. You kinda forget she’s connected like that,” Arturo said.
   “That would help greatly but even with faces to powers we will still have trouble tracking them,” Aamil said.
   “One problem at a time,” Elijah said.
   Erica walked out the ship and over to the group. She asked, “Nothing yet?”
   “No. Would you like to help?” Aamil asked.
   “I had a thought. I was looking at that stupid video and thinking about stuff I read while I was made to go through all those files when they were explaining-nevermind. Anyway why is the fifth person standing outside? If their a wizard they might have more power right? What if she’s influencing these actions?” Erica said.
   “You mean pushing them to commit these attacks?” Frank asked.
   “Just a thought really. Someone rounded up angry punks and spun them around and sent them out,” Erica said.