Part 11

by CM Towns

   Four men in an alley, one soon to be the victim and the other three his attackers. One pulls a gun and goes on about him being a snitch and a bitch. A portal opened up up and behind the three, Araminta peaked out and slammed two of the mans heads together. The last attacker turned, stumbled back until he was levitated off the ground and dropped hard onto the concrete.
   “The police will be here soon if you wish to sta-” the man ran off before Araminta could finish so she just slipped fully back into the portal.
   “So whats the average distance between the two openings?” Gravity Woman asked up on the top of the tenement building.
   “Depends on the distance, in this case maybe five yards. But I have been able to effect the way the distance moves. So in this case it was just like a straight line form one door to the next,” she answered.
   “The one where it feels like you’re dropping, don’t you ever get scared?”
   “I use to, know its just a thrill. Besides the gravity inside the gates is different so its like dropping three feet rather than the actual distance,” answered Araminta.
   Gravity Woman looked out into the distance, smiled and thought, Home sweet home.

   “Happy to be back home?” asked Araminta.
   “Yeah. Well-Detroit is a dangerous place and I likely would have moved out at the right opportunity but being back feels good,” replied Gravity Woman.
   “Your family was overjoyed to see you.”
   “Yes, got a warm feeling inside form that.”
   “So where to next?” asked Araminta.
   “Flash-Man is handling the south side, Huntsman is patrolling the north, and Mr. Monster and SubHuman on the East. You and me have cleared this part of the city already. I say we either head to my house or we go back to base,” Gravity Woman suggested.
   “I’d head home to your family. Spend some more time with them,” Araminta said.
   “Team won’t mind?”
   “Of course not. If they do I’ll yell at them!”
   Gravity Woman smiled before having her attention turn to her ringing phone. She dug through one pouch for her phone as Araminta did for hers.
   “Link coming in form the hub,” Gravity Woman said.
   “I got the same,” Araminta told her.
   “I’m going to play it,” Gravity Woman said and Araminta walked over to look at her phone as Gravity Woman clicked the link to a stream.
   “… You’re wondering where is here? Which bank this is. Does it matter? Each of these large banks serve the same purpose. To keep the people down under the thumb of the big machine,” said one of the masked men. Araminta remarked that it was the taller of the two men from the previous video.
   “Right now the cops are streaming and tracking but by the time they find us we’ll be gone and this money here-” he pointed to the vault “-will be burned up. Look at it. It’s beautiful isn’t it.”
   “I know this bank. C’mon,” Gravity Woman said. She levitated herself and Araminta into the air and flew forward. Gravity Woman spoke into her microphone revealing the location of the bank. It took them only a few minutes before landing in front of the bank. They heard sirens coming in before spotting Huntsman. he landed by them and looked to the bank.<br<
   “Wait till I’m there,” Flash-Man announced over the com.
   “We wait,” Araminta said.
   “Screw that,” Huntsman responded before smashing through the doors. He prepared his arm cannon and checked the floor. Gravity Woman and Araminta stood behind him as moved around with his cannon aimed.
   “It’s been a while,” Gravity Woman said as she looked over the bank. The sprinklers finally popped on.
   “They must have stalled the sprinklers to let the money burn,” Araminta commented.
   “They’re gone,” Huntsman said, “Must’ve known the authorities were coming close.”
   Huntsman and Araminta’s eyes laid on the vandalism that Gravity Woman was looking at.
   Flash-man rushed in and shouted, “I told you to wait!”
   “Flash, look,” Araminta pointed.
   “They knew we were here. That means this place-” Flash-Man started as Gravity Woman nodded.
   “This is where I got my powers,” she concluded his thought.
   “What? From a bank?” Huntsman asked.
   “Hostage situation. Some robbers with heavy tech came in. The mech gear one man had malfunctioned and exploded. Shrapnel powered with an experimental take on gravitons caused her mutation,” Flash-Man finished.
   “We should go. The cops are probably waiting for back up,” Araminta said creating a witches circle gate. Huntsman went in first followed by Flash-Man. Araminta pulled Gravity and they went in last.