Part 12

by CM Towns

   The cutlass was turning onto PCH, the music playing was My Girlfriends Girlfriend by Type O Negative. Jessie was driving with Michie in the passenger seat and Sally in the back. Jessie had her mind on several things. Her upcoming work with Go and Hunter, connecting from her teammates in Detroit to her boss in the AHM for that case, the recent show her band did at the house of a friend of a friend, as well as the scene with the guy making unwanted advances on Michie. Jessie dealt with that and felt bad that a rather pleasant evening had to devolve into such a terrible situation. Michie seemed to have bounced back but Jessie was still very bothered. Her mind started to push those angry and frustrated thoughts away to settle in on the show itself. They had a nice little crowd, some heads banging, overall good show.
   Tomorrow Sally and herself would head out and work with some of the new recruits. Originally the plan was for her, Sally and Antoine to each team with one of the reserves. This changed with Antoine being busy. Chasing after Jai-Oin for clues on King took precedence though Jessie would have preferred to put that one on the back burner. Too much going on. She herself has had to make herself seen at AHM headquarters twice this month alone as well as dealing with some superhuman problems in SoCal with her partner. The team might have grown but the problems seem to triple.
   It was a relief that Division-1 was now up and running and taking on part of the troubles.
   “What is this song?” Michie asked knocking Jessie out of her deep thoughts.
   Jessie answered, “Black Balloon by Monster Magnet,” before adding, “Sorry about that shit back at the-“
   “I told you don’t worry about it. Guy was obviously tipsy. I’m fine,” Michie said.
   “It’s no excuse.”
   “No, I guess it’s not,” Michie agreed in a low voice looking out the mirror.

   “Jessie,” Sally called from the back.
   “What’s up?”
   “I want to ask you some questions,” Sally informed her with a slight crack in her voice.
   Jessie knew something was up with Sally. She rarely came to her shows-not a fan of crowds or loud music but seemed very interested this time. Sally knew Jessie’s band and was already great friends with Michie so she chalked it up to wanting to be a little more social with the people in her life. That thought was shaky when Jessie observed the way Sally was watching and analyzing all those around her.
   “Do you think…” Sally trailed off.
   “Think what?” asked Michie interested.
   Sally had a hard time putting together words. Jessie turned down the volume on the player.
   “How do you know-I mean…” Sally straightened up, “I have been conflicted of late. Feeling like I should connect more.”
   “You looking for someone to take you on a hot date?” Jessie questioned.
   “Don’t tease her,” Michie said.
   “I’m not,” Jessie shot back.
   “Go on Sally,” Michie said.
   Sally considered her next few words and Jessie said, “You are among loved ones.”
   “How did you know you were attracted to both genders?” Sally asked.
   “I don’t know. Pro wrestling. All those guys with their shirts off and trunks. As for girls, I kissed one and I really liked it but then she friendzoned me and now no other girl can compete,” Jessie detailed.
   Michie looked over to Jessie, sarcastically said, “What a bitch,” in a mocking tone.
   “How’d you come out to your parents?” Sally questioned.
   “My dad believes they stopped making straight girls after 1993. He’s a fool as you know. Anyway when I showed up once to the house with a girl I was kinda-sorta seeing his entire thing was like ‘Her mom has a special friend too.’ So I didn’t really come out to my dad but instead found my mom also likes girls. Though she was raised with Catholic shame and a religious mom. Which is why mom was all like ‘Thats nice sweetie but please don’t say anything to grandmom,” detailed Jessie as she pulled up to the curb outside her house.
   “Your father is a fool and-” Sally started to say but Jessie cut her off.
   “A man slut.”
   “Not what I was going to say,” Sally said.
   “You worried about hanging out with Pearl? She give you weird feelings?” Jessie asked.
   “I don’t know. Someone having an interest in me is very strange,” Sally answered.
   “Oh please, you are such a cutie. When you do go out I see the looks you get,” Michie said.
   “Was your reasoning of working with the male reserves just to force me into spending time with Pearl?” questioned Sally.
   “I just wanted meet Hunters sisters. Bringing Go along was just so we can talk puroresu. We got into a fight about who was better-Okada, Tanahashi or Nakamura,” Jessie admitted.
   “You are joking, right?” Michie said.
   “I take my New Japan very seriously.”
   Sally chuckled. She then said, “So there was no desire to hook me and Pearl up.”
   “I don’t think Pearl will pursue you but I do think you two could be friends. She’s chill,” Jessie said.
   “I appreciate everything you do for me Jessie,” Sally said.
   “God damn it girl, I tell you again and again-you don’t have to keep thanking me. We’re Earth sisters. Parents finally calling you daughter. Now lets get home and do the girl talk right. With ice cream, bad chick flicks and my cats,” Jessie suggested.
   “You hate chick flicks. So does Sally,” Michie reminded her.
   “Then we’ll watch Jackie Chan action films. No one can hate those,” Jessie replied.
   “No thank you, early flight tomorrow,” Sally reminded her.
   “Then it’ll just be me and this bitch here,” Jessie said and Michie punched her three times in the arm to Jessie’s laughing.