Part 13

by CM Towns

   First it was the defense attorney. Working late no doubt to protect his guilty clients who kept him living a good life. He arrived into his apartment-not luxury apartment in the sky but a very impressive one. The lawyer arrived turned on the lights, turned and Kid Victory was there.
   “What are you doing?!” he asked startled holding his attache to his chest.
   “You’ve got friends right Mr. Mayer? Some have played nice with Jai-Oin. Let them know Kid Victory needs to talk to him,” Kid Victory responded.
   “Get out of my home!”
   “You going to carry my message?”
   “I don’t have any connection to Jai-Oin,” Mayer answered.

   Kid Victory nodded, turned and walked down Mayer’s hall. Mayer yelled after him, following as Kid Victory walked into Mayer’s large bedroom. Mayer saw that his safe was open and money just sitting there. Kid Victory took a match, lit it and tossed it inside.
   “You son of a bitch!” Mayer shouted as he went out to the kitchen to get a fire extinguisher. When returned, he put the fire out and added, “You God damn-” Mayer stopped when he noticed Kid Victory was gone.
   The second target was once a headquarters for Jai-Oins ninja clan. Kid Victory knew that on some occasions certain ninjas in Jai-Oins employ (not real ninjas) or other criminals would duck into the empty office buildings on Stern street in Adams Valley. Adams Valley did not have a large crime rate which made it a nice hideout for a time with Jai-Oin’s clan.
   Kid Victory was quick, tagging a simple message in black: COME OUT NINJA MASTER! Not an elegant or inventive way to get attention but it will cause a little talk locally. Add more fuel to the buzz.
   Third target was in Millers Point, where Kid Victory knew some of Jai-Oins men were. Professor had been keeping track of vehicles and marked men. Kid Victory arrived, stowed his motorcycle, made his way through the back of a pool bar be he walked down the hall into sight. Kid Victory looked around and noted two pool tables being used, a couple of people by the bar, a waitress, bartender and one person by the jukebox.
   “Hi, I need to leave a message with someone in regards to some ninja magic,” Kid Victory said.
   Kid Victory moved in slowly. One man from the counter took his bottle and came at Victory, shouting profanities at him. Victory caught the attack, swung the man around, took the glass and tossed it. Made a direct hit at another individual running his way with a knife. Kid Victory broke his first attackers wrist before walking forward. One of the pool players swung at him, Kid Victory caught it and went with a low blow. He swung the pool cue around before launching it as a spear to one of the men making a run for the exit.
   “The person I’m here for knows who he is. Let your boss know I want to talk,” Kid Victory announced before backing up and making his way out the way he came in.
   Fourth target was also in Millers Point. This individual was on the move and Kid Victory followed the signal which was plugged into his visor. Victory was at cruising speed on his cycle and as he got closer he noticed the target was moving-slowly.
   Must be walking. I did plant that tracker on a jacket, he thought.
   Kid Victory was on the street, at a steady speed before pulling up on the sidewalk-people dodged as he drove past. When his target saw him coming he broke out into a mad dash. Not enough to outrun a man on a motorcycle. Kid Victory nailed him in the back with one of his clubs.
   Kid Victory got off the cycle, stopped the man from pulling his gun and said, “I’m making sure all of Jai-Oin’s buddies know I’m looking for him. Pass the word around.”
   “Jai will kill you!” the man threaten.
   Kid Victory put a boot into his gut. “I’d like to see him try. You can tell him that for me.”
   Kid Victory got on the cycle and drove off. He took the streets, then took the sewers, then the streets again until he was in Stewart Springs. It was getting into the hours that further blurred from late night to early morning. The crack of dawn only a while away. This would be the last target. It took sometime but he ended up in front of a cheap motel. Victory walked in, past the pool, up the stairs. His visor giving him the target. This hotel has housed a deviant element in this area and Jai-Oin’s men would sometime make deals in the area. Kid Victory found the room he was looking for, he kicked the door down and moved in. A woman spot him and went for her weapon, Kid Victory caught the woman’s gun and twisted her wrist and was about to strike when he heard the scream. A small girl, looking on terrified. Kid Victory looked at the woman and then back at the child.
   “Let go of me!” she shouted.
   Victory released the woman’s arm, took the gun and got rid of the bullets. He looked at the child and then the mother. The woman had a child, he knew that but didn’t realize they would be here with the mother. Though the kid would be with her grandparents. Kid Victory stepped out, walked down the path with people looking out from their rooms or windows. Kid Victory went downstairs, past the pool and onto his bike. He looked up to the cracking sun and drove off to his lair.