Part 14

by CM Towns

   “… This man here believes in such a foolish idea?” said one of the masked men. One the Guard believed to be Mitchell Cane, also known as MC.
   The team had used the information provided to identify Mateo and Viridian but were still unsure of the female paper master and the mysterious fifth member. They put all this together the night before before being awaken by a new stream from the anarchists group. one in which the four had strung up a hostage. A man by the name of Jacob Delany, a controversial writer.
   “Reverse racism? When’s the last time you heard about two black cops screwing with a white boy and calling him cracker or honkey? Treating him like got guns and drugs? Huh? How about blond white girls getting told their hair is a distraction. Their natural hair. No one wants them cutting their hair. This man is trying to make it okay to look down on people. Keeping the social order to their liking,” MC continued.
   “We’ve already watched it twice can we turn it off?” Erica asked.

   The team was mostly gathered around Aprils laptop while Erica and Reed were seated a few feet away. Aamil was behind the workstation pacing and thinking. They were watching the video a second time for clues. Once again the video had the slogan of ‘Who Do You Guard?’ The graffiti at the bank which was where Eartha gained her powers sometime ago and Aamil felt this one had something in it for them to see.
   “This asshole was left at a hospital afterward. Was to beaten up to give cops anything,” Frank reminded everyone.
   “Surprise they didn’t kill him,” Eartha said.
   “Were you hoping?” Aamil asked.
   “You think he should be walking the streets?”
   “As much as his existence pains me freedom of speech dictates he can say what he likes,” Aamil said.
   “Bullshit. Defending racists right to be racist,” Frank said.
   “You would rather we all live in some liberal paradise? Where we can only do and say things that are considered appropriate? That’s censorship anyway you cut it. You liberals can be just as abd as conservatives,” Aamil shot back.
   “Don’t you compare me to a conservative,” Frank responded.
   “Hey! You two! We got work to do here!” April interrupted.
   “Aprils right. So anybody see anything that can help us?” Elijah asked.
   “Same four masked teens. Looks like it was shot in a squat,” Araminta said.
   “Any information with tracking the signal?” Arturo asked walking over to a cooler for a drink.
   “Acid Burn is still working on it,” Elijah answered.
   “Maybe he was kidnapped,” Reed suggested while playing his hand held game.
   “Makes sense. He does live Maryland,” Erica said.
   “Yep, a Maryland resident,” April said after a search.
   “How’d you know that?” Eartha asked.
   Erica looked up at her and then to Elijah.
   “She’s read his book,” Elijah answered for her.
   “Not me, my parents,” Erica said before adding, “But we did meet him at a book signing.”
   Eartha was about to say something and Elijah shook his head. Eartha kept quiet.
   “Thats the clue. They knew Erica had some minor connection with this man. Plus his views would stand greatly against many of our own. This presents several questions that must be answered,” Aamil said.
   “How do they know Erica?” April asked.
   “How were they able to kidnap Delany and return so quickly?” Frank asked.
   “Or if they did return? Maybe they’re still in Maryland?” Araminta offered.
   “What’s the next move? Is this game going to continue with taking a shot at our past? Or is there a big move?” Eartha said.
   “They’re in Detroit. If they are mocking us they wouldn’t leave quite yet,” Elijah answered that question.
   “Being able to move back and forth so quickly either this fifth member is a very powerful magician or a teleporter,” Arturo offered.
   “That would mean that mist escape they’ve used could have been done with some sort of contraption. I’ve read about prototype devices that could lay that cover,” Elijah then said.
   “As for the question about Erica, her face was plastered all over Utah after her kidnapping but I don’t know how she could have been connected to us. I believe after the US interest in her they contacted a number of news sites to have her photos removed,” Araminta stated.
   “They did the same for me. Something about protection,” said Eartha.
   “You can’t fully erase information like that online-just manipulate the data. They look hard enough they could have found her. Plus when Audio was announced as a member of Division-1 links to previous articles about his rescue from the Teiwaz appeared. Made mention of a woman who controlled water,” April said.
   “They find an old photo of Erica, match it with missing photos from Utah, they figure the equation. These anarchists are good,” Aamil said.
   “That’s incredibly obvious,” Frank stated. April nudge him with her elbow.
   “So the next move is to consider which of us are they going to… not mock but show us something from our past,” April said.
   “Arturo, Reed, Araminta, Elijah, April, Frank and myself,” Aamil said.
   “Never been to Detroit and don’t have family from here,” Reed said.
   “Same,” Araminta said.
   “That doesn’t help since it doesn’t have to be anything to do with Detroit,” Frank reminded them.
   “It does have to connect with some symbol of injustice,” April stated.
   “The bank… The Writer…” Aamil said.
   The group all thought about it.
   “Keep in mind that both of these taunts were connected to our secret identities. After Eartha and Erica that leaves me and Frank as publicly known,” Reed explained.
   “Well I’m at loss than,” Frank said.
   “I know where they’re going to be,” Elijah announced.
   “What? How?” Araminta asked.
   “While my identity is not public there is a rumor floating around that I am the Collingsworth heir. Its not widely believed but they may believe it and my family has had some dealings in Michigan before,” Elijah said.
   “You know where they’re going to be?” Aamil inquired.
   “Meeting up with some ex-business partners of my family,” Elijah answered.