Part 16

by CM Towns

   Throughout the US there are multiple former military bases. Some get torn down and in its place are communities or new shopping districts. Other times nothing happens-the buildings just stay there unused. Then there are the rare times where on the outside its still abandoned but inside tells another story.
   That story did not interest Reina Titán who smashed through one of the bunkers and through the main floor to sub-level one. On her arrival the alarm sounded and it was music to her ears while people shouted in fear. This facility came up in the various raw data the Guard collected in France. Information that was not passed off but lost in the shuffle of intel research. Some background by GR44 and Professor saw that this was a moderate chance of Teiwaz activity. perfect training conditions.
   Ichi Senshi and Bravado repelled down on grappling guns and went to work as Reina surveyed the scene. She could deal with everyone easily so she would just hang back and take care of any major threats.

   Bravado shouted in joy as he hit target after target with the stun gun. A shot of a laser gun knock his gun from hand, Bravado rolled to dodged some blasts and was able to lunge in for a take down. Couple fists and up for the next enemy. The charging Teiwaz agent had their wrist caught and thrown over shoulder with a judo takedown followed by a boot to the gut.
   Reina swooped in to catch an incoming RPG blast and tossed it aside.
   “Thanks,” Bravado said while Reina fired a blast into the man who had fired.
   “No problem,” she said before asking, “Where’d Ichi go?”
   “Probably to to find some bad guys in the other halls,” Bravado answered.
   “Looks like these Teiwaz are fleeing. No fight in them,” Reina observed.
   “What a bunch of pussies,” Bravado said.
   Reina raised her hand and Bravado said, “Sorry. What a bunch of cowards.”
   “Better,” she said to him.
   A couple blasts rained down and Reina pushed Bravado away and took them.
   “TEIWAZ WILL RULE!!!” shouted a man in a mecha suit.
   Reina Titán flew onto the mecha, ripped the harness off the pilot and pulled the enemy into a headbutt before discarding them to the ground. Reina picked the mecha suit off and tossed it into a pair of other mecha suits on the strip.
   Bravado chased down a couple more Teiwaz agents, catching one with a flying forearm. He blocked the gun being pulled and pushed the woman up into a wall.
   “What are you planning!?” he demanded and to which she spat on him. Bravado with a knee to the gut.
   “Yo-Jock. Lets head up to the surface and chase down some more Teiwaz jerks,” Reina suggested.
   “What about Ichi?” he asked.
   “Ichi will be fine. Now lets go,” Reina answered grabbing his waist and flying him up to the surface.
   Ichi was doing fine. He had already defeated six Teiwaz agents before running into a few who utilized booster shots to push themselves to their physical peak. Ichi was unimpressed to say the least. With on attacker coming in with an unfocused assult that was easy to dodge. He caught the kick and spun inside to twist the leg muscles. Ichi wished Reina had seen that as it was a more serious take on the wrestling move called the Dragonscrew Leg Whip. Ichi got into a squat and kicked out the knee of the lady coming in to help her partner. The enemy went down face first and ichi struk with a kick to the side of the head.
   The enemy with the bad leg, maybe ACL tear, started to cuss at Ichi. Threats and profanities. He went for the quick draw but an ax kick into the hand forced the gun down. the bullet ricochet into his shoulder and he screamed. Ichi went back to slamming open doors and looking for anything useful. He got to one door that was locked up so he summoned his energy sword and used it as a crowbar ripping the door off the hinges.
   Once inside another alarm went off and two robots came out from the ceiling.
   “Amusing,” Ichi commentated as he decapitated one of the robots. The other fired on him but Ichi went low and slashed off the legs before stabbing the robot in the head.
   Ichi moved deeper into the lab and pulled the sheet off an item centered in the room.
   “Let me guess-bomb. Or missile. Trouble for sure,” he said before calling it in.
   Reina was up top with a Teiwaz soldier in a headlock listening to Ichi. Bravado was a few yards away beating up an agent on the ground.
   “Good, and Professor you patched in,” she asked.
   “Yes, I got a look at the computer system. I have two other facilities in the US. I am sending word to officials in Garden County, Nebraska but I think you should hit Ellsworth in Kansas, I’m uploading GPS coordinates to your phone. Lets smash through quick,” she said.
   “Got it!” she shouted before saying to Bravado, “Hook up with Ichi and stay out of sight when the feds come. I’ll meet you all at the assigned meeting place.”
   Reina Titán took the air and went at full speed. She wanted to move as quick as possible, unsure what the Teiwaz had planned and did not like the idea of being late to the show. She was closing in on her destination when she saw the launch of a weapon into the air and made a turn. Reina caught up easily, pulled the missle further into the air before blowing it.
   “They launched it here, how is Nebraska?” Reina called in.   
   “I’m listening in, they are still mobilizing but got a fly by near the location. They’re moving out but no missile launched. You want to swoop in?” Professor asked.
   “Hold on,” Reina replied before shooting down to the ground and through the silo the missile fired from. It took about two seconds before the few people left inside were surrendering.
   “The Teiwaz here said they fired it for cover. I’m guessing they were not giving launch instructions and took the initiative,” Reina called in.
   “Okay, which one of you are going to talk?” Reina asked of the two scientists. The pair looked at each other and one made a dash to the door before being shot in the back by Reina. It was low powered but enough to knock the scientist out.
   “We were just setting up facilities for the eventual strike against the United States!” the other shouted.
   “Whens that happening?” Reina asked.
   “I don’t know! I don’t! I swear!”
   “Okay, run along,” Reina said before going to the com link, “You hear that Professor?”
   “Nothing we did not assume. It would be a lot easier if the Teiwaz did not compartmentalize everything, then maybe we could get an exact day,” she said.
   “So now what? Hand of the dirt?”
   “At this point I don’t trust the government to take it that seriously. With us shutting down ops and them shutting down ops the ego is big. This is purely on our side just as it is with King, the Cult, and Mizer,” Professor replied.
   “Damn. Well, lets write this one down in the win column and I’ll see what else me and the boys can do,” Reina said before asking, “How are they doing in Detroit?”