Part 17

by CM Towns

   Mr. Monster had the binoculars with nightvision focused on the building across the street. Water was seated beside him as he watched for any suspicious activity. Water yawned and looked over to him before turning away, thinking how she wishes they would call it a night. The building across the way housed several business and at one time Elijah’s parents were in negotiations with one such business. They were looking into new investment opportunities and were welcomed to Detroit however the company came under fire and the Collingsworths backed out.
   “Its almost time to switch,” Water said.
   “Hmmm,” was Elijahs response.
   The rest of the team was nearby in an empty building, awaiting the possibility of action.
   Mr. Monsters phone beeped and he picked it up, “I’m here. … Okay.”
   “So?” Water asked.
   “GR44 was checking up on us,” Monster answered before he said, “Damn.”
   Water looked over but couldn’t see much in the dark.
   “They are inviting us,” Mr. Monster said into a phone. He turned it off and a portal opened.

   “We’re going to confront them?” Water asked.
   “That’s what they want,” Mr. Monster said leading her to the gate Araminta opened.
   Moments later the team was down at the foot of the building. From left to right is Water, Brown Widow, SubHuman and Araminta. Behind them Gravity Woman and El Hijo de la Bestia floated at the ready. Mr. Monster, Flash-Man and Huntsman stayed back in the shadows in case they were needed.
   All four were in all black with one of the ladies holding a flag that said WHO DO YOU GUARD? One anarchists was carrying a current gun tightly and seemed ready to fire off shots.
   MC asked, “So wheres the rest of your team?”
   “They felt you were already outnumbered greatly, so they’d watch,” El Hijo replied.
   Mateo spoke, “So just you all? Doing the work of the man, right?”
   “Here you are-leaving a trail of needless destruction and death,” SubHuman responded.
   “Nothing needless about the destruction.”
   “And the lives?”
   “Hurting innocent people doesn’t do the message any good. Those people have families, loved ones,” SubHuman fired back.
   “Then they should not be working for banks and companies that screw people over,” said MC.
   “Most companies screw people over. Most companies fail at giving proper wages and benefits. Sure some of your targets have done worst than say-McDonalds or Nike,” Brown Widow said.
   “Then we hit them next,” Mateo replied.
   “You think blasting your way through people you don’t like is going to change anything? You think that’s going to get the people on your side? Especially when you cost people their jobs, their livelihood? When you don’t care that there are innocents in a war you are no better than the government sending drones to kill terrorists and then shrugging at the deaths of innocent children in the wake,” Brown Widow criticized.
   “NO!” Viridian shouted. “What would you do? Hide from the real evils just to come out and stop some crazed masked men from world domination?”
   “Fighting fire with fire means a too much burns,” Gravity Woman added.
   “Peace has never been effective,” Viridian shot back.
   SubHuman took a deep breath. He knows that Viridian’s words were an exaggeration but they still rung true at times. Protests and anger across the US had not done much to change policies that spy on innocent civilians or make corporations and banks truly for crimes. It did anger him but it angered him more to hear about a bank teller who was just doing their job, trying to support their family, getting critically wounded in an attack. It annoyed him to great lengths to know some Ford workers may have to struggle in the job market to find new work now that the plant is burnt down.
   “There has to be a middle ground,” SubHuman said.
   “Even if there was, you are here to turn us over. We’re here to make a point,” Mateo responded.
   “Okay,” SubHuman said. Brown Widow caught Viridian off guard with a web, tying her up. SubHuman hit Mateo with an electric blast, he stumbled a few feet and fired back with an energy blast from his fist and SubHuman dodged. MC created a barrier of ice between the group before tossing fireballs to keep Gravity Woman and El Hijo at bay before freezing the ends of Water’s hoses to prevent her from using her powers. Araminta popped over from a gate to confront Renate who reached into her pouch, swirled her hand around in all the torn mini notepad papers and pulled them out into a whip. Araminta blocked the strike with a shield, took her sword. Renate straightened her whip out and the two traded blows with weapons.
   Viridian freed herself from the web and used her powers to wield Brown Widow (who was dodging blasts from Mateo’s current gun) and SubHuman (who hit MC with a blast of electricity) by their belts into the building across from the bank. Water finally got her hose working, she started to create a whip when she was hit in the chest by Mateo’s current gun. It knocked the air out of her and Mateo shouted in joy but took a pair of boots to the chest by El Hijo coming down with the dropkick. Araminta caught Renate with a kick to the gut and hopped into a portal to escape as Gravity Woman landed next to her and used her powers to throw Renate up into Viridian. Araminta appeared from a portal and nailed MC from behind with a shoulder block.
   El Hijo shouted, “We got this!”
   From behind Araminta appeared Charm and she struck hard, knocking her out. Charm leaped into the air and gripped El Hijo, locking around his neck. Gravity Woman started to approach Charm who had El Hijo well gripped.
   “You guys can’t win. You are outnumbered and out powered,” Gravity Woman warned.
   Charm ignored her and directed her comments to her captive, “El Hijo de la Bestia right? You connect to creatures and mimic their natural abilities. Yet you stick to the birds. Why? Do you think you can not access the previous connection? Let’s find out.”
   Charm reached into his mask. She opened up a mental block inside El Hijo and screamed. He jetted away hard into the building before falling to the ground, up and stumbled back and charged into a wall denting the side of the neighboring building.
   “What did you do!?” Gravity Woman demanded.
   “Gave him more power but it will take time before he can properly use it,” Charm explained. Gravity Woman went to attack but was stop, her helmet started to folding in tighter on her head. Gravity Woman screamed.
   “Seems Viridian is back in the fight,” Charm commented. Gravity Woman pulled it off and tossed it but it flew back into her face breaking her nose. She fell from the sky and Brown Widow caught her.
   Huntsman flew in their direction and Charm raised a hand-he was caught off by a figure. A cyborg man that tackled him to the ground.
   “Re-enforcements! Got this one from the government!” Charm hovered down. “He’s like you Huntsman, victim of the same weapon that made you. Unlike you he lacks the same free thinking will. The government tried to make him one into a weapon.”
   Flash-Man came up the steps and caught a recovering Mateo with a hard punch before knocking down Renate. MC hit him a fireball that made him stop and drop, once up got hit by Mateo’s current gun. Mateo nailed a shots toward the others. Mr. Monster leaped from out of sight and grabbed Charm from the sky. She pulled a jewel and blasted him with a red beam into the chest, Monster screamed and fell back. Charm used the jewel to pump Mateo with power and he started firing blasts off in every direction.
   Huntsman and the cyborg were trading blows above, Viridian used her magnetic powers to propel Huntsman into the building. The cyborg landed on the ground ready for more of a fight. SubHuman hit him with a heavy dose of electricity that rocked him to one knee. MC caught SubHuman with a large block of ice to the chest. Water used a blast from a broken hydrant to knock back MC, Mateo and then Virdian. The cyborg rushed forward and caught her in the gut with a punch. Flash-Man ran up and tackled the cyborg down but got kicked off quick. Charm hooked Flash-Man around the neck from behind. Mr. Monster went for the save but the cyborg met him and the two wrestled.
   Brown Widow was playing protector, moving her teammates away from the damage and with Araminta, El Hijo, and now Water safe she turned to the scream she heard. It was Flash-Man. brown Widow rushed forward but a wave of fire from MC kept her back. Gravity Woman swooped in to attacked MC and Brown Widow rushed to see about Flash-Man who was no longer in Charms grasp.
   “I think we’ve proven our point,” Charm said before she started to chant an incantation. A mist started to rise around them all. It grew and then dissolved and the five, along with their cyborg were gone. Mr. Monster growled out in anger.